Sunday, November 4, 2012

L&P, Walks, Treasure, and a sleepy squirrel......

Hi sweet-peas!!!

I am so sorry this is going to be a very quick and boring post, the photographs will have to speak for themselves. I am having a mental block on stringing a sentence together.

Check list:

* Cheesy Lemon & Paeroa tourist photo's with bottle.

* Amazing bush and tunnel walks at the Karangahake gorge.

* Very cool and funky array of antique, vintage and retro shops in Paeroa, serious must see!!!

* Finding some lovely vintage earrings and a cute 50's hair-clip in my favorite colour.

*Wearing an outfit that matched the window display in one of the vintage shops.

Oh so sleepy.......

eyes are heavy.....

Night night....

loVE V&W


  1. Love it! I need to take a trip home - SOON! Ma and Da are in Katikati and my hubby grew up in Waihi so Karangahake Gorge is a regular for us -as well as meandering the lovely shops in Paeroa and Ngatea (check out the cyrstal shop in Ngatea!). Thanks for this post Miss V! You squirrels are certainly getting around!

  2. You don't have to say anything, I'm happy to see your lovely photos, Vanessa!
    Get some sleep, you tired Squirrel you! xxxx

  3. That store front display is quite neat! I spotted the penguin server on the bottom left within seconds. =D

  4. LOVE that beautiful skirt. This town looks so gorgeous. I want the chrome drinks trolley in the window! Sarah xxx

  5. I frequently have trouble stringing sentences together,tired or not!
    YAY,Lemon and Paeroa!!! One of my fave Kiwiana things!
    Love your skirt,and matching the window display is priceless! Your new hair clip and earrings are TO DIE FOR pretty!
    Kisses,sleepy Squirrel.......that you were......hahaha!

  6. Honestly - you're photos are so beautiful you don't need to add words xoxo

  7. You don't need to say a word your photos always tell stories! I love the wind in your hair shot, you Goddess you!