Ancient places.......

Hello sweet-peas.

Yesterday we had a lovely restful day at Ahipaha, it rained off and on, so we spent most of the day reading and playing cards. 

Today we took the amazing, and scenic drive along the coast, stopping at the Hokianga Harbour for lunch, the sand dunes are so beautiful and its quite overwhelming when you see them come into view.

From there we drove in to the twisting "Waipoua Forrest", which is an ancient part of this country  filled with towering  Kauri trees and Maori Legends.
"Tane Mahuta" (lord of the Forrest) is a Kauri tree believed to be over 2000 years old, this majestic tree stands 51.5m tall and the trunk girth is 13.8m.
To stand at the base of this truly beautiful and magnificent tree was quite moving, you feel the history of the past swirling around you and their is a feeling of "knowing" present.

We are tonight staying at another beautiful beach camp, Baylys Bay, tomorrow we are heading to the Kauri Museum in Matakohe. It looks like its going to be an inspiring place too.

Sleep tight lovely poppets.....

From a happy and tired little tumbleweed.

LoVe V&W

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