Sunday, November 18, 2012

On a Winter like day........

Hello sweet-peas from two wee squirrels that have been soaking wet and wind blown....

We got up on Saturday morning in Wanganui to go to the "Rivertraders market" I was so excited, only to have it pour with rain, the poor stall owners it was just terrible, so much so we didn't even look around and instead went for a hot chocolate.
With very soggy clothes and feeling a tad miserable we decided to go to the Sarjeant Gallery and the museum. Each had some interesting works and were well worth the visit.
Between the heavy showers we had a good look around the streets and admired many of the beautiful historic buildings, and had a yummy lunch at a wee cafe I forgot to get the name of, but the carrot soup was delicious, yip soup in November.
What to do on a poo poo day???
Winter like day...... winter gardens.
Don't you just love that heavy smell of heat and plants when you walk in?
With a break in the weather again we walked around the very beautiful gardens and duck ponds, filled with lots of bird life. The white swans were so big and very hissy, but I did manage a couple of pics.
It was all too fitting really as I had bought these very cute wee green swan buttons from a great op-shop called "Cheeps" that is a charity to help sick and injured birds.

Lots of Swanning around in a lovely city.....

Tee hee.....

Love V&W


  1. Great little buttons! Funny seeing you in a Raglan context the other post - so close to us! x

  2. the buttons are gorgeous! You look so sweet in your check dress too xxx

  3. I love Whanganui!! Too bad about the markets, I've been there on a clear day and it a really lovely market. You guys look so cute at the winter gardens!!

  4. So beautiful photos!! You look amazing:)! Kisses x x x x x

  5. ANGST!!!
    Somehow I've been missing too many wonderful posts,with icecream matching frocks, a Horrockses frock, fabularse places, markets, opshops and sights to behold!!
    Not to mention a divoon leafy umbrella!
    I feel splendid now, Like I've done a round the world in 20 minutes!! Well, a round the North Island in 20 inutes, anyways!
    O, it's all so wonderful, and your are meeting lovely people, finding fabulous goodies and clearly having a whale of a time!

  6. That umbrella is GORGEOUS! We are having a winter-esque day here today - I am wearing three layers of wool and it's less than two weeks to Summer! Sarah xxx

  7. That umbrella IS gorgeous as are the swan buttons! I met Cathy from the Malthouse the other day she says Hi - what a lovely woman. xx

  8. What a stunning place to hang out! I'm loving your fabulous brolly and dying over those swan buttons! x