Thanks giving..........

From the land of "Hobbits", bubbles and Jellyfish.......

We have spent the
 last two days in Wellington before an early sailing tomorrow back to the South Island.
It was the most beautiful sunny and warm day, which meant hanging out on the waterfront was just glorious! The morning started with a coffee and a shared blueberry muffin. Then a very relaxed two hours at Te Papa, next some big bubble watching, followed by spotting the huge amount of jellyfish in the harbor, they are quite memorizing as they glide like whispers of light in the water.

The capital put on a last hooray for the squirrels in the North Island, we have truly had the most wonderful time exploring this beautiful country. To see just how in incredibly lucky we are to have all this on our backyard has made a lot of the pain and hurt of the last two years just melt away.
 I think I have really understood the sense of being blessed and how incredibly thankful I am to have had this time with my best friend traveling in Basil.

Happy thanks giving!!!!!

Love V&W

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