And then we found him............

Yes Mr Basil now has a Mr Brush......
Eeeekkk a Basil Brush!!!!!
Original 1970's made in New Zealand.
He has very proudly sat between us in the front seat (with his seatbelt on) for the wonderful drive around the Bay of Islands, listening to Cat Stevens.

We found him this morning in the most truly fabulous retro shop, "Eye Spy" and look at the amazing building its in, eeekkk a 1957 fire station. The owner Jo and her partner(rats I missed his name) were  real sweethearts we had a really lovely time chatting, she even gave us a Basil Brush book as a present.
Also while staying in Waipu we went to another fabulous wee vintage shop called "Special Interest", the owner Jules was again such a gorgeous lady. We found a Cape Reinga pennant and I just fell in love with the wee man with a missing leg brooch. Jules was so kind to give us great direction to the camp we stayed in and a piece of beautiful ancient Kauri gum.

Staying at the Waipu cove camping ground was a real treat, you take raft ride across the stream to get to the beach, and the beach is stunning with golden sand and soft rolling waves.
We have stayed beside so many beaches up and down the country and you start to understand the beauty we have all around us, lucky lucky wee kiwi's.

Ok tonight marks 60 days traveling and living in "Basil"!!!!

I think we might let of a few fireworks or at least a sparkler.

To all you lovely sweet-peas who have been following us, making truly heart felt and wonderful comments "I say BOOM BOOM with love!!!!!

LovE V&W 

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