Friday, November 16, 2012


Hi Sweet-peas!!
 The traveling squirrels have had a couple of wonderful days vintage/op-shopping and making amazing connections with lovely people.

But first!!!

This is the fabulous striped "Horrockses", on her first outting today.
Happy happy dance.
Soooooo pleased with it!!!

Yesterday we spent a great day in New Plymouth exploring some of the great vintage shops, one in particular called "47" was to be a wonderful connection with the delightful owner "Miss Paisley".
This gorgeous gem of a lady recognized Basil and us to, Yay!!!
The NZ badge that Warren is wearing was purchased from her and has a great significance to the journey we have been on. Miss Paisley had them made in conjunction with Michael Hill Jewellers, as an amazing fund raiser for the Christchurch Earthquake fund.
 Called a "Forget you not" badge the tied rope represents the bond between the two islands and the country being as one when the quake hit, we were just blown away when she told us they have sold $20,000.00 worth, WOW!!!!!

Today we travelled to "Eltham" and found an assortment of fabulous wee shops too. Then connection number two, we went into a great vintage shop called "Decodently Yours" and meet the lovely owner Heather. Now talk about the universe connecting us with our past, Heather once had a wee vintage shop in the "Shand Emporium" upstairs like us. She had been in Tete a Tete and knew one of the pervious owners and thinks she remembers me to.
It was so nice to talk about our wee shop and all things vintage, oh and a little sad too.

Poor Warren!!! Tee Hee,  I've been on an another acquiring "lost little toys" faze, don't you love knitty kitty, so named "Noogy" and the cute fabric doll, who soooo needs a bath.
The cross-stitch of the kitty reminded us of "Morgan" pussycat, who we both miss so much and the
fabulous black & white gloves were from Decodently Yours. 

Tonight the Squirrels are sleeping in Wanganui.

love V&W 



  1. Oh you look heavenly in the striped frock. Such wonderful colours & a gorgeous fit! I love Warren's NZ badge. How amazing to meet people along the way that are connected somehow. You are certainly giving us new ideas on travel itineraries for our next trip. Wishing you a happy weekend & sending much love. Xx

  2. Is that Horrockses as in 'Horrocks for Frocks'? You look super summery. Neat Earthquake support brooch too.

  3. Is all New Zealand retro heaven? You're making me want tp road trip across America.

    Thanks for following my blog. ooooxxxxx

  4. That Horrockses dress is superb, much funkier than the usual floral confections. I'm totally in love with that adorable knitted puss, too! Warren's badge is so cool. x

  5. I love stumbling across links and connections between people, it makes me feel all fuzzy! Miss Paisley and the jewellers have done an amzaing job of fundraising, and it's perfectly fitting that Warren should have that brooch.
    Stunning Horrocks frock, look at those fabulous bright colours. And knitty kitty is a little treasure! xxx

  6. What great connections you have been making on your fabulous journey. And somtime lost toys need a home and to be treasured once more, and that gorgeous fabric doll really makes me wish I had a little girl to go along with my 3 boys xx I Love reading about your little adventures xx

  7. ...what an amazing time you are exciting to follow you and i want to go to all these amazing places.....!X

  8. Yah! You've been in my home province - Taranaki! I grew up in Stratford, but my parents now live in a place in a place called Awatuna where there is literally nothing but farms :P There are some amazing stores in Eltham right? It's like a vortex of all things vintage. Have fun in Whanganui - do visit the historic elevator! Sounds like you're heading back towards Wellington :D

  9. Beautiful things! You look beautiful! Lovely dress. Kisses x x x x

  10. The stripy dress is GORGEOUS! And I do LOVE a man in a brooch! Sarah xxx

  11. That dress fits you so beautifully and I love you in the bright colors, so different and gorgeous! The close up of Warren is a great shot, you must tell him I think he's a handsome devil with pretty blue eyes!