Saturday, November 24, 2012

Happy little campers........

Hello Sweet-peas!!!!

From the South Island!!!!!

Happiness is......

Saturday morning in the sun(still in my pjs) having breakfast on a picnic table!!!!!

The Squirrels are in the quaint town of Murchison, the camping ground we are staying in is just lovely with a whole menagerie of animals, set in an idyllic tree setting.
Look at the cute wee furry critters.

Hope you all are having a weekend filled with happiness too.

love V&W 


  1. That loooks so idyllic. Lovely pictures, as always. xx

  2. I love this first photo! And I love sunny Saturdays:) Kisses x x x

  3. That looks like a perfect morning! X

  4. This looks so idyllic! I love all he photos of the animals - you are such a good photographer.

  5. The warmth and sunshine I'm seeing there is wonderful!! How lovely it would be to join you for breakfast. I love the furry pictures.

  6. It looks like paradise, wish I was there! x

  7. I really am starting to wanna sell all my possessions and tour the US, not really, but I can sure live vicarious;y through you guys and I am! The breakfast shot of you still in your PJ's is so sweet!

  8. Oooo, you must be at that lovely campground we've stayed at before! There's a church across the road and down a tad with an opshop in it, or was...aya, you're back in our neck of the woods! I'm so pleased you lovelies have had a grand time exploring the North and enjoying peaceful, relaxing times with each other and sweet Basil!
    I so love camping, it's been a while though!

  9. It looks so lovely at the campsite with all the animals around and about - look at those
    piggies, wanting to share your breakfast! And a red spotted umbrella makes a meal even better! xxx

  10. What a fabulous campsite! Love that spotted umbrella!! And the close-ups of all your furry and feathered friends are delightful. It must be magic travelling around with your own little home on wheels. *seriously envious* You are both looking so relaxed and happy, its been such a pleasure following your journey.