Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The wonders of nature..........

Hello poppets!!!!

The Glacier was amazing!!!!!
Yesterday we made our way up to the Franz Josef Glacier to be in awe of the beauty that nature can produce. As you walk up the river bend to the base of the Glacier you feel so very small, the scale and grandeur is breath taking. 
Then we were off in the "Basil mobile" down through the National Parks, along native bush lined roads and peaceful river valleys.
We spent the night at the Haast beach camping ground, which had a lovely bush walk to go on in the fading light of the evening,  it was just lovely and we provided the local sandflies with their supper.
Itchy & Scratchy today.......grrrrr, but worth it.

Today was more traveling along the coast and another bush walk to see the "Blue pools" at the Haast Pass, they are created from the melting Glaciers and have this stunning ice blue clear water, which is so transparent.
I said to Warren today, "this is the most nature and bush walks I have every been on", and we both agreed that they have been such wonderful to experience, we are seeing what all these tourist come to see here in our own country. 

Tonight we are near Wanaka, at Glendhu Bay, which is a walk down memory lane for Warren, his family camped there for many years when he was a wee whipper snapper.

Love V&W


  1. So stunning - I'm so jealous you got to visit here. It looks AMAZING. One day I'll make it there :)

  2. Oh wow - this is so beautiful - I MUST go there! Gorgeous pics, Miss Squirrel!! Sarah xxx

  3. What an amazing place (I know, I probably say that about everywhere you go but it's all so amazing!) xxx

  4. These photos are so beautiful! What a range of natural beauty New Zealand has. Also, love Mr. Squirrel's coat!

  5. *WOW* That Glacier is GORGEOUS "OHH my!". That water is SOOO pretty and blue.
    You two squirrels are OBVIOUSLY enjoying yourselves! *YAY*

  6. SOOO beautiful. Look at the colour of that water! xxx

  7. The glacier does look amazing..from a little distance back. When I went there as a kid I was disappointed when I got up close because I thought it looked all dirty. I'm glad you're having a good time on the coast. It's beautiful over there.

  8. Seeing glaciers would be on my bucket list if I had one. How spectacular are these? I could stare into that icy clear blue water for hours.

  9. That walk up the river bed is a real adventure isn't. And worth every stream crossing and stumble along the way. Those clear pools look stunning- I haven't been there. You must be close to the end of your road trip now, with decisions ahead!
    Must just mention that I met your mother on the Gardens of Fernside tour last Sunday. How strange that you can chat to someone at random and make a connection almost at once. You of course were the connection :-)

  10. I'm very fond of the West Coast, and have been to the glaciers a few times! It's just lovely, except for those bloody (how apt) sandflies!! Argh!
    yay for a score at the oppies, you KNOW I don't think you can have too mny polkadots anythings...!
    Love your outfit on the beach last post,just perfect!
    And how marvellous you are refinding your passion for photography!!!