Wednesday, November 14, 2012

I wish I had furry bunny ears........

Do you sweet-peas have days where you feel a kind of furry madness has taken over???

I do!!!

Result....... the kind of crazy photographs you see here.

Yesterday was spent having the BEST smoothie I have ever had, rhubarb and vanilla from "The Shack" in Raglan. (Warren only got a wee sip)
Then lovely walk around the town, finding the most fabulous stripe Horrockses cotton dress in the "Loins" op-shop for $6.00!!!! I think I will wear it tomorrow.

Back to Basil with some supplies just in time before the rain came down, Oh feeling sleepy so curled up in a wee ball for a nanna nap. 
Wake up!!!
Time to write some heartfelt nonsense in my journal.

Final fun thing on a crazy day, you ask????

Goody goody gum-drop ice-cream for tea!!!
Why because I am a big girl now and who said at 42 you can't.

So there!!!!

Love V&W

PS: I forgot to say the photographs at the Auckland fair of us were taken by my little brother, Andy.
Thanks man!!!


  1. I love your bunny ears and your bunny ring. Curling up in Basil when it's raining sounds very cozy. And your ice cream looks delicious!

  2. ....constant furry madness for me......looks like you had a wonderful day :-) x

  3. Horrockses for $6, rhubarb smoothies and ice cream for tea! I don't think you'll ever want this road trip to end! Both those dresses are too cute for words and talking of cute dresses thank you so much for mine, I love it! xxxx

  4. Nothing wrong with ice cream for tea. One of my dear friends and I thought ice cream for Sunday brunch was the best idea ever.

  5. new frocks, ice cream and silly photos, things that make life worth living!!! I wanna take a nap in Basil and be silly with you!

  6. All good things for two very good Squirrels! It sounds like you had the best day! xxx

  7. I'm so curious to see that Horrockses dress. I want to try gum-drop ice-cream too. What a crazy and funny animal brooch you wore. Did you make it yourself? Hugs from Miss Maple

  8. You look so cute in each & every frock I see you in! I cant wait to see the Horrockses frock. Xx

  9. I want some gum drop ice cream. Can't wait to see this frock xxxx