I wish I had furry bunny ears........

Do you sweet-peas have days where you feel a kind of furry madness has taken over???

I do!!!

Result....... the kind of crazy photographs you see here.

Yesterday was spent having the BEST smoothie I have ever had, rhubarb and vanilla from "The Shack" in Raglan. (Warren only got a wee sip)
Then lovely walk around the town, finding the most fabulous stripe Horrockses cotton dress in the "Loins" op-shop for $6.00!!!! I think I will wear it tomorrow.

Back to Basil with some supplies just in time before the rain came down, Oh feeling sleepy so curled up in a wee ball for a nanna nap. 
Wake up!!!
Time to write some heartfelt nonsense in my journal.

Final fun thing on a crazy day, you ask????

Goody goody gum-drop ice-cream for tea!!!
Why because I am a big girl now and who said at 42 you can't.

So there!!!!

Love V&W

PS: I forgot to say the photographs at the Auckland fair of us were taken by my little brother, Andy.
Thanks man!!!

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