" And they call it bunny love"

Oh it really is bunny love......

Hi Sweet-peas!!!

I hope you are all going "mwah" to the cutest little white bunny ever.
Mr Warren was so very kind and bought him for me after the look of true heartfelt love washed over my face when I saw him.  He is just so worn with love and a little tatty. We found him in this very cool wee shop in Foxton, called Goldies Junk in Disorderly. Carla the owner understood the lost toy thing and was so happy he was going to a good home.

The lupins in the sand dunes must have made the wee squirrels a little loopy on the the beach.
Look at the fabulous vintage wool jacket Mr Warren bought in Palmerston North, it has the most awesome zip hood, which makes big fluffy fur ears, a great source of amusement for me, not so much for Warren. I think I may have to sneak the hood to wear myself.

Lying on the sand looking up at the blue sky, feeling free and sightly crazy is all good......

Love V&W

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