Thursday, May 30, 2013

Where are my favourite mittens?????

Why hello my little sweet-peas.......

When you have cold little fingers you need to run back inside and pull your wardrobe apart to find the perfect little mittens which you knew were hiding in a very secret mitten hiding place.
My lovely friend Katherine gave me these mittens a few years ago and I think they are the best wooly hand covers EVER!!!
I wish they could talk to me......hmmm madness.

Anyway look at "Sir Stag" brooch, who is all proud as can be on my fluffy collar.......
The truly gorgeous "Vintage bird girl" made this with her clever wee hands and sent it in a parcel of treasures......I think he is just perfect too!

Thank you sweet!

Love V 


  1. Oh Sir Stag looks just at home on that gorgeous collar. Hopefully he brightens a winters day. I love the combo of red & grey. I'm dreaming of wearing big snuggly coats & drinking hot coffee with you!!! Much Love. Xx

  2. ooooO! they look really nice....They'll stop you picking yer nose....HeHe! Love the colour!
    And, the little badge is nice to...Hope it wasn't to expensive....(Nearly said 'deer'). :)

    And, you've still got lovely snow...Can you sent some over here, all were getting is rain...Hate it...!

  3. I was complaining that of the bad weather here in Rome...I can't believe you're wearing mittens in this period! They're gorgeous by the way! Hello from the other side of the world! :)

  4. Pink and grey, always good. Love your little mittens and your wellington boots. Now you can jump in puddles! xxx

  5. Fortunately you found them. The mittens look perfect, when cold wind blows.
    Sabine xxx

  6. Very cute. I just made a tam I need to press and will be working on making a pair of wool gloves for winter. I have never appreciated wool as much as when we moved to a state with actual cold weather and snow.

  7. There they are! Gorgeous mittens, gorgeous Sir Stag, and gorgeous you! xxx

  8. Those are some SUPER CUTE mittens.

  9. You look so sweet today! I love everything: shoes, coat, dress, mittens... Amazing! Kisses x x x x

  10. You look adorable, so cosy and sweet! That stag brooch is amazing, I thought of Leisa straight away! xxx

  11. lost your mittens, you naughty kitten! looking forward to a day when i can read a blog post without getting nursery rhyme references (about 5 years hence?!!!). anyway, them mittens are ACE, did your friend make them?
    happy weekend x