Friday, May 31, 2013


Hello sweet-peas.....

A wee post before the weekend...

A little mad "gum-nut" wooly hatters party in the winter trees.....

Mr Trouser decided since the seat was vacate he would join me in the orchard for tea and cake......
Lucky Mr Warren came along before we gobbled it all up.....
Scruffy Mr Foxy was just happy to watch over the fun.
Hmmm the snow may have sent this little squirrel a bit nutty.....

Now because I have just too many coats and all manor of winter treasures that I just don't wear or fit anymore, we are going to the "Vintage Roundup Market" next weekend and hoping to sell them to some new homes for Winter.

Winter is coming.......

so if you can, come along.

Have a perfect poppet weekend!

Love V 


  1. HeHe! Looks more like the 'Mad Hatters Tea Party'.
    And, Look, the lovely Mr Trouser...Bless! Does he take sugar in his tea! :).

    And, how clever of Mr Foxy, to wrap himself around a branch like that...!
    Love the hat the tea-pot is wearing to! :>).

    Ya all have great weekend toooooo!

  2. What delightful pictures. I love how Mr Fox is peering down at you. You two look so cute in those winter hats. If I had the power of teleporting I would join you at the market in a flash! Xx

  3. You pair are too cute! Love these pictures so much.
    Wishing you loads of luck with trading this weekend, not that you need luck! xxxx

  4. You two look straight out of an Enid Blyton story. Two little pixies drinking nectar from an acorn. Have a lovely weekend V, sell, sell, SELL!

  5. That is adorable! My cat Ridley likes to take a whiff at my tea and coffee but so far has resisted the urge to taste it. Love your cute hat.

  6. OMG you two are both so dam cute!! Scoot over I wanna have a cuppa with you and then I wanna have a snow ball fight, actually I don't, I'm a lover not a fighter:) Good luck selling your stuff this weekend!!!

  7. An Alice in Wonderland tea party in the orchard with a pussy cat as the guest of honour. How wonderful indeed. You should be a stylist Vanessa, all your blog posts are like little self contained stories. I love your little winter hats! Good luck this weekend. xxx

  8. You two squirrels are the cutest. I love your gum-nut hat, just like Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. Have fun at the market.

  9. You know, Tania is right, you would be a wonderful stylist, Vanessa, your photos are always a joy to see. Love your little tea party with Warren and Mr Trouser, and poor old Mr Foxy curled up in the tree!
    Hope your fair goes well and that you sell lots of stuff. xxxx

  10. The cutest tea-party ever! You look beautiful and I love your cat! Kisses x x x x

  11. OMG, this fox wrapped around the tree made me laugh! these pictures are so fun. love them!

  12. Okay, seriously, this looks like it comes from a children's book. Your little party in the woods is so cozy and welcoming. How do you do it? I agree, professional stylist.

  13. Super amazing tea party! I liked reading through this. Thanks a lot for sharing photos. My daughter’s birthday is coming and I would love to host princess tea party for her at one of the local garden Chicago event venues.

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely was such a wonderful journey back to this fun tea-party. Sending happiness to you. Vanessa and Warren ♥️����