Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Toothache go away.................

Hi Sweet-peas......

Oh I have been feeling a bit yucky for the last few days(many days).......toothache!!!!!
Thank goodness I finally got into the dentist yesterday and he kindly filled the nasty big hole in one of my little munchers, which means I am starting to feel much better. 

Look at "Trouser" his cute wee eyes match my mustard wool cardigan......he was one very snotty
 pussy-cat to be picked up for a photo.
The scarf I am wearing was a present from my lovely lunch guest last weekend....Katherine.
She also gave me the sweet wee leather purse with acorns on it, I was super excited when I realised it matched my tooled leather handbag with acorns. That made this little squirrel very happy.
The table setting is from our lunch.....I was so busy chatting I forgot to get a photograph of the two of us, rats. But I did get a pic of the Ciabatta bread I made, Yip I made it and so can you, its so easy.
My gorgeous friend Christina has the most wonderful blog with all sorts of scrumptious things to make in the kitchen and around the home. 
If you want the recipe pop on over to:
Its a delight.

Love V


  1. Toothache is such an awful thing. I've decided that teeth are a necessary evil (in my case) My teeth are in a terrible state, and I'm always scared to go to the dentist because of how much always needs doing. Grrr!!!

    Glad you'll all fixed up and back to chipper!

    Love the mustard. I want something in that colour.
    Nice looking (and peaceful) table!

    PLz PM your postal addy to me when you get a mo! :0)

  2. Oh that ciabatta looks amazing!! as do your pics, as usual.xx.

  3. Oh pet I'm so sorry to hear you've had a sore tooth. Teeth are wonderful until they cause you problems. I hope it wasn't too pricey to fix. You are perfection in the brown & mustard combo....& those wee boots! I love the frock & your tooled bag. And yummo to freshly baked bread! You are a clever wee squirrel! Love to you. Xx

  4. Look at you you're the sweetest pea with that sweet scarf in your hair. I'm sorry to hear your munchers have been giving you a hard time, but hopefully you're in the mend now.

    What a locked tale setting and the bread looks yummy.

  5. So sorry to hear you have had toothache but glad to hear the pain has now gone. Your table looked beautiful and cosy. You look beautiful and as cute as always love your colours in your dress and cardigan. dee x

  6. I'm glad the dentist sorted you out, there's nothing more miserable than toothache!
    I love how Trouser matches your outfit, he's almost as pretty as you are. That ciabatta looks wonderful. xxx

  7. Oh! How wonderful....I was just browsing through some Blogs.....
    And....saw you and the putty-Tat, on Marinas Blog...
    When ever l see a cat anywhere, l'm there in a shot..! :).

    So, l clicked the link, and read through some of yours.....Very Lovely!

    What l wanted to say was....A couple months ago, l clicked a link from another Blog....To....
    She is a pussy-Cat from New Zealand, who post every morning...British time! She is lovely! Amazing!
    And does her own posts....! HeHe! :>).
    Worth a little peek! She has 253 follows now!
    Great Fun.....Thankyou...!


  8. Ha, ha ... Willie's found you through my blog. You'll have a fun read now!!
    Your table looks lovely and the bread looks soooo good.
    Glad your toothache's better ... the pain can really wear you down can't it.
    M x

  9. Hi Vanessa, I'm glad that your toothache is over and you're looking happy again in that first picture with the cat. Love your headscarf that suits you really well. And I think mustard cardigans are gorgeous anyway. I love your table decoration as well. great colours!

  10. I'm loving those autumnal colors on you! You're making me long for autumn (though it's only just turned spring here). Your ciabatta looks perfect and I love the sprigs of rosemary in your napkins! One day, perhaps I'll try my hand at making bread...

  11. Going to the dentist is never fun especially if you need work done. I had a huge filling break and had to wait it out for a few weeks until I could get an appointment. I'm glad I got it filled although my tooth is still sensitive.

    Your table setting and bread look great! I've also taking to making bread whenever we have past for dinner or I want the house to smell great.

  12. You and that bread look delicious. Happy to hear you are on the mend, teeth problems can be so painful. I love the bag from your friend, it's so beautiful close up please!!! Your table setting looks like something from a magazine, gosh you live in a pretty world.

  13. As always you look beautiful, I must admit that I love to raid your wardrobe as I can never seem to find such vintages wonders. The leather acorn purse is gorgeous and how lucky that it matches your bag xx

  14. Ahh, toothache is the pits!
    I am a big admirer of Mr Trouser, he is almost as handsome as Mr Warren!
    You look gorgeous, Vanessa, as always, and your table looks utterly beautiful. Mmm, homemade ciabatta, yes please! And of course acorn decoration on a purse and a bag are perfect for a wee Squirrel! xxxx

  15. Boo to toothache, hurrah to its departure!

    Mr Trouser is adorable, your homemade lunch looks divine and I love the ginger coloured chunky cardigan. Curtise is right, anything with acorns is the perfect accessory for a little squirrel like you. xxx

  16. Toothache is awful. I'm glad you're all better now. You look lovely. The colour of that cardigan is perfect for autumn.

  17. So beautiful, as always! I absolutely do not look as adorable in these earthy shades - I am so envious that you wear them so beautifully.

    Love! Sarah xxx

  18. a stunningly simple dinner! it looks so beautiful. Love the pumpkin colours and of course... the boots. Fantastic photos as ever.! xxx