Little boxes in a row.........

Hello my little sweet-peas....

Oh don't you feel great when you finish something that you have been saying for years......
"I must one day sort that out"......well I have done just that.
Opening up boxes of all sorts of bits-n-pieces and putting them into little blue drawers with labels was a very big job.....but also exciting finding little treasures I have collected and squirreled away.
Now when I am making something its all at my finger tips....I hope.
In amongst the my items I found some old 50's broken hair-clips that I have been making into brooches, like the little fan I am wearing.
Next is the large.....hmmm huge collection of fabrics.
If you haven't heard from me in a while, it may be a good idea to send out a search party, complete with St Bernard and whiskey barrel.

love V

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