Sunday, May 26, 2013

I think you are not what I thought........

Hi Sweet-peas.....

I am not sure but this fabulous striped blue dress I bought from Sallies in Mosgiel this week may actually be a night-shirt....oops.
I was saying to Warren how lovely the brush cotton fabric was when the penny dropped, oh well with the pussy-bow pinned on the front and a velvet jacket.....who would know?????
The little brooch is another of my creations, its a wee bunny sitting under a tree, sorry I should have taken a close-up.

Look at what came in the post.........
Eeeekkkk a truly yummy parcel of wonderful vintage treasures all the way from the lovely "Vintage Bird Girl", she was so kind. In the background is a pretty rose dress, brown gloves, a beautiful brown flower brooch, gingham breakfast cloth and little bobble hair tie.
But look in the centre......Miss VBG made the amazing stags brooch with her only little hands.....what a clever poppet.
I will be sharing with you soon a "Bird Girl" inspired outfit very soon.
Thank you sweetheart, it was so exciting opening the letterbox to a parcel.

Love V  


  1. Goodness....This is my second little comment to New Zealand, this morning...! :).
    I've said hello to Poppy, she resting on her Mums bed....Bless! x

    Night-shirt....Night-shirt....Now! I'm an expert on night-shirts..HeHe! Worn them ALL my life, can't be do'in with those pyjamas...Horrid things!
    Still...When you get home, you'll be ready for bed...Looks very nice though, especially with the French beret...! :>).

    Well, l must get on...Off to the Supermarket, for a few bits and bobs....Suns out, though rain tomorrow. Bank holiday to...! :).

  2. that is a seriously cool night shirt, and far too fab to wear only when it's dark. funnily enough i was just contemplating whether i could get away with wearing my new pj top as a shirt. 'Brushed-cotton-not just for nighties' i say!

  3. The nightshirt/caftan looks fab, especially in comparison with the cartoon-print satin PJs I saw a senior citizen wearing in the supermarket the other day!
    I love the Mosgiel Sallies, I found some great stuff there yesterday.

  4. brushed cotton? Well I daresay i'd need brushed more than cotton in your weather!! Hope you're settling well into the new house.xx.

  5. Oh SQUEEEEE! I'm so delighted the parcel arrived, I seem to have a steady supply of treasures for you darling Miss V! It's funny how blog friends sometimes seem easier to buy for then 'real life' friends. You look gorgeous in the nightshirt, I bought myself a navy & white polkadot nighty the other day, which I'm hoping I can pull off as a frock! At least you would be nice & comfy in that brushed cotton. I love it with the jacket & bow & boots! Much love beautiful. Xx

  6. Lady, if that is a nightshirt, you sure know how to work it! I LOVE it--I think this might be one of my favorite of your outfits, and I always love what you wear! Super-cute. I am inspired.

  7. this dress doesn't looks like a nightgown ... you mixed it so well with the velvet jacket and bow ... love this look.

  8. How beautiufl do you look? I love brushed cotton, so cosy and warm. You'd never guess that was nightwear, it's too good for bed.
    What a wonderful parcel from gorgeous Leisa. xxx

  9. Oh those photos are just lovely - the autumn leaves and the golden sunlight. I think the dress is great with the jacket and the boots and tights. What a lovely gift from VBG! xx

  10. Vanessa, love you all in blue. And I'd never thought that this dress could be a night-shirt. It's a beautiful dress and it suits you really well. Btw this beret with the leather trim is my favourite.

  11. There's nothing wrong with a bit of sleepwear as daywear. Your dress doesn't look the least like a nightshirt anyway. I love the bow and the cute puff sleeves on your velvet jacket.

  12. Who cares if it's a nightie - you look absolutely gorgeous and I wuold never have guessed if you hadn't said! As always, your photos are beautiful. I suppose that lovely creek is in your back yard?

    Isn't Leisa an absolute darling? The parcel is gorgeous and I LOVE that amazing brooch - I want one!!!

    Love! Sarah xxx

  13. You are just so darling! What a great outfit. x


  14. We don't mind if you don't - not that I would have known it was a night shirt! You look as adorable and beautiful as ever.
    Leisa is a sweetheart and that is one perfect package of joy that she sent you. Aren't bloggers great?! xxx

  15. Your dress is so sweet! Amazing outfit! Kisses x x x

  16. Oh I just adore everything about your outfit, especially the coat and fabulous hat! Wish it was a little cooler here in Brisbane, I do miss wearing a cute hat or two. Thank you for the gorgeous outfit inspiration!
    Sophie xx

  17. How can you make a night shirt look that beautiful?! Your hat and jacket are so girlie sweet! Your presents from a a friend are so thoughtful. SPEAKING OF...thank you my sweetness for your parcel of joy this weekend! The dress is awesome and so is the lil bird and silver heart. Your card was so sweet and I just feel the same dammit! Hug! Thanks again sweetheart!