Trousers, the second leg...

Hi Sweet-peas....

Yip its the jeans again....eeekkk!!!!
Two posts in a row.....
This time worn with a stripe 80's blouse with a cool bow- tie thingy and peter-pan collar.
Velvet 80's waistcoat, 60's lion bucket bag, military beret and a puppy dog brooch I made from an old broken 50's hair-clip.
 We took these pics a couple of days ago when we went to Lawrence for a coffee and to mail a few parcels. Just behind the township at the start of Gabriel's Gully is the most peaceful and beautiful walkway......the ground was just covered in acorns.
It would be a dream come true to see wee fluffy squirrels scurrying around, man I wish we had them in New Zealand.

Yesterday I had a truly splendid day when my darling friend Katherine came for lunch.....we were like to wee birdies chirping and twittering away having such a wonderful catch-up.
I made a yummy lunch and was so excited having playtime with a friend.
I miss having girl-friends close by, but then I do now live in a fabulous old girl.....look at Miss Biddie in the mist.

Love V

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