Sunday, May 12, 2013

Trousers, the second leg...

Hi Sweet-peas....

Yip its the jeans again....eeekkk!!!!
Two posts in a row.....
This time worn with a stripe 80's blouse with a cool bow- tie thingy and peter-pan collar.
Velvet 80's waistcoat, 60's lion bucket bag, military beret and a puppy dog brooch I made from an old broken 50's hair-clip.
 We took these pics a couple of days ago when we went to Lawrence for a coffee and to mail a few parcels. Just behind the township at the start of Gabriel's Gully is the most peaceful and beautiful walkway......the ground was just covered in acorns.
It would be a dream come true to see wee fluffy squirrels scurrying around, man I wish we had them in New Zealand.

Yesterday I had a truly splendid day when my darling friend Katherine came for lunch.....we were like to wee birdies chirping and twittering away having such a wonderful catch-up.
I made a yummy lunch and was so excited having playtime with a friend.
I miss having girl-friends close by, but then I do now live in a fabulous old girl.....look at Miss Biddie in the mist.

Love V


  1. What a gorgeous Annie Hall-esque outfit! The photo of Biddies in the mist is amazing too, it makes me almost miss the Canterbury fog.

  2. Fab outfit! Love the shirt and bow tie thingy! :)

  3. Oh my goodness, that photo of St Biddies in the mist is spectacular! What a glorious building and location, Vanessa, it must make your heart sing for joy to be living there.
    How lovely to have a friend to visit for a catch up. Don't you just love times when you talk and talk and talk with lots of laughing too?
    And get you, rocking those jeans! The shirt and waistcoat look fabulous, and what a great bag. Could Miss V be a trousers convert? I think so! You've even got me wondering if I can pull them off... So to speak, that sounded a little cheekier than I intended! xxxxxxx

  4. St Biddies in the mist should be framed - it's beautiful! Could there be a more stunning location?
    I'll never tire of seeing you in those jeans, they look wonderful with the waistcoat and the exquisite bucket bag.
    So pleased you got to spend time with a precious friend, too! xxxx

    PS A most fabulous parcel was awaiting my return yesterday, I'm in love. Thank you so much! xxxx

  5. oh my i love where you live !!!!

  6. I love that walkway around Gabriel's Gully! I did it last autumn and it was beautiful. Then we had massive ice-creams from the corner shop and felt like we had earned them.

  7. First time I've seen you in jeans and you still look so cute an fabulous xoxo

  8. Jeans most definitely suit you!

  9. You look as sweet as ever. I particularly adore the velvet waistcoat and your bag very much so. Your home in the mist is truly breathtaking, I want to come stay.

  10. You look so cute in your jeans, waistcoat and bow tie. I love those berets with the leather binding around them.

  11. How exciting to have new jeans, no wonder you want to wear them again. Do you feel like a tomboy all of a sudden?

    I love where you live, it is sublime. I had no idea you were so isolated, that is my dream to live somewhere like that. But it is good to see people, it's too easy to slip out of the habit. xxxx

  12. Hi Vanessa!
    I love the jeans and the way you dress it up!
    I don't wear jeans anymore, there was a time it was my daily uniforme, not anymore
    I did not know there were no squirrels in NZ! Here those little creatures rule, plenty and plenty around here so much they can be nuisance -

    Love the last pic,so beautiful

    Ariane xxx

  13. what a stunning picture of your new home. i'm so happy to think of you guys settled there in such a beautiful spot after all you've been through, but i'm hoping it's well insulated?!!

  14. Here she is in jeans again! You look very dapper....I love the shirt with the waistcoat, I think that combo looks gorgeous on you. Missing friends & family would be the one draw back to living in Lawrence, but I'm sure it makes those times together extra special. Dreaming of Biddies in the mist. Hopefully we'll see her covered in snow soon! Xx

  15. St Biddie's in the mist! You should write an adventure novel with plucky 1930s girl guides and that should be the title! That photo is really lovely. You look fab and make normal old jeans look very cute and quirky!

  16. Honestly, your life is like a fairy tale. Look at you in that MAGNIFICENT velvet waistcoat (If you ever want to sell it, REMEMBER ME!) and a beret, strolling through the most beautiful countryside... you could not be any more whimsical and delightful. And Warren's pics are just beautiful.

    Love! Sarah xxx