Thursday, May 23, 2013 nut!!!!

Hi lovely sweet-peas....

Oh thank you for all the very kind comments on my toothache......I am only now realizing how hazy I was feeling, the dull pain was giving me headaches and effecting sleep.

Talking about hazy brings me to "Hazelnuts" which I found at the bottom of our was so much fun discovering them on the ground. The poor old tree looks like it needs a little TLC, which next week will be attended to when we start pruning the fruit, oh and nut trees.

I also picked up the autumn leaves from the tree which matched my knit cardigan, named "cat sick cardy" but may have to be given a sweeter name like "hazel autumn leaves".
The little keyhole brooch is one I made last week using old wallpaper.
And since I gave you a peek at the table in the last post, this is the corner in which it sits.

Ok my little hazy nuts, go forth and have a truly wonderful day tomorrow.

Love V


  1. I'm here to catch up on a million posts, my love!

    You are gorgeous, as always. I love the colour and OMG THE RED LAMP BEHIND YOU!!!! Your frock is pretty, the cat sick carry perfect, and of COURSE you have an orchard!

    Love! Sarah xxx

    PS THANK YOU for parcel, delivered by Helga, post forthcoming... you are a DARLING! xxx

  2. those hazelnuts look beautiful. we've been eating them this week in pasta with spinach and cream. and that is one show stopper of a lamp! please more garden/orchard photos :0)

  3. You look adorable as always! Goodness me it has been a long time since I've had time to read (or write) any blog posts. I've missed you all! Fingers crossed the baby sleeps long enough for me to catch up and see how your big move went. xx

  4. Gorgeous post were just coming into our summer it always makes my mind boggle the season difference in different countries at the same time. Beautiful colours I love your cardigan and those autumn hazel nut leaves are lovely as is you home its beautiful, cosy and so stylish. Have fun, dee xx

  5. I love your dress and these peeks into your home are such a special treat. X

  6. That is one very stylish lamp, and I just caught a peek of a cute lime green chair! And I love your dress too.
    p.s We used to make those woodwork cranes in school woodwork classes, and was one in every window.

  7. Add my name to the lamp crush list V, it's a beauty.
    I love your frock's fabric, mustard cardie, beret, et al.
    Glad you got your poor toothy peg sorted. catching up with my 'friend' the osteopath tomorrow - back better, but still sore.

  8. Cat sick cardi....that made me laugh. That colour reminds me of baby poo, but I really like the colour! Glorious combo as always, & I'm drooling over that red lamp too. So many interesting corners to explore in St Biddies. Love to you beautiful. Xx

  9. So glad the toothache's gone! I love your cat sick cardi and the keyhole brooch is too fabulous for words.
    That lamp behind you is a beauty! xxx

  10. My Heavens!! THAT RED LAMP is AWESOME.
    And I love the pattern on your dress.
    Glad you are feeling better.

  11. you look lovely. your house looks great too. i love your lamp. lucy

  12. What a beautiful home you have, Vanessa, filled with the most gorgeous things.
    And most gorgeous of all is YOU, of course - lovely frock, and the cat sick cardi is FAR nicer than the name suggests! xxxxx

  13. I am loving the snippets of your new home! Hazelnuts in your back yard! WOW. This dress is gorgeous, I do love the colours and pattern. Glad to hear the toothache has subsided! xx

  14. You look adorable! As always! You've got amazing home! Kisses x x x x

  15. mmmmmmmM! Love Hazelnuts....!

    Ah! I found you Vanessa....Goodness!
    Not to clever with the internet, so,
    l decided to Google...Good old Google.
    And, yes, l remember now.....! HeHe!

    I'm afraid my Blog is only a one off,
    and, l'm not really the author of it.
    Still, it's had some 72,000 viewings
    over five years...
    Thankyou for taking a look.....
    I'll look forward to looking/reading
    yours from time to time....Lovely...!

  16. Hi Vanessa,

    Love your little blog. Thanks for coming to visit us on ours.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  17. Surprise hazelnuts - How exciting! You home is looking fabulous as are you. Love the cardy!

  18. Kia ora Vanessa! I just found your blog and I love it... I Love your style and your personality and the fact that you owned TWO vintage stores is super awesome!!! I hope you don't mind that I shared a link to your lovely blog on my own little blog... and I hope you have time to come over and visit. Talk again soon I'm sure
    Mrs C

  19. Hi sweetie!!!
    Poos to having had toothache, not my favourite thing in the world!
    But YAY to having your very own hazelnut tree, one of my favourite nuts! I love all nuts,though, and am so pleased I'm not allergic.
    You look scrumptious, and the brooch is just darling!