Data dilemmas.......

Hi Sweet-peas.....

Oh I am so behind with posting, we have been having a few problems with data and the joys of living in a rural area with very little coverage.

Anyway these pics are from a few weeks ago,  I really do like dressing in the earthy tones and it was lovely to get out my favorite vintage 50's skirt for a wee jaunt.
The skirt has pockets which are perfect for popping in secret squirrels......
My lovely friend Katy made these little felt squirrels that are perfumed with rose oil, they smell divine.
Look at that amazing stitching all hand sewn by Katy, she is just amazing.
I have also discovered a great use for mens tie-slides, excellent for keeping a woolly scarf in place.

Thinking of you all and sending squirrel love.


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