Friday, May 10, 2013

Trouser and Von Trouser.................

Hello sweet-peas from a wee traveling squirrel...

Yay, we had a road trip down to Invercargill this week, which meant op-shopping....
and yes I found some treasure's that I can't wait to show you.
But more to the point, I now own a pair of jeans.
It has been a very long time since denim covered my legs, I am still not completely comfortable in them but I think with the vest, cufflinks and great 70's tie it kind of works. 
Looking very official for breakfast with my kiddie coffee cup.

Oh oh talking about kiddies and with it being mothers day here on Sunday, we are now the proud owners of "Mao".
He has decided to own us which is more to the point.
He went back to his owner (the pervious owner of St Biddies) weeks ago but he just keeps coming back. So we asked if we can keep him and today I became a mummy to

(Mao) or as we have been calling him "Von Trouser"

Looking very dapper in his little black hat.

Love V



  1. Mao is gorgeous! Well done for rockin' the denim! :) Missing you both...

    Love from Sydney


  2. aahhh Mao is gorgeous you enjoy him :-) loving your photo's you look as sweet and as gorgeous as ever. Look forward to seeing your finds, dee x

  3. The cat in the hat - what a great photo.
    Do you use special photo software to get such great effects?

  4. Wow, look at you all suited and booted. Were you studying the markets in the newspaper? Buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell? Your new-to-you puddy cat is adorable. St Biddies wouldn't be complete without a P Cat. xxx

  5. What a smart cat with his hat, I certainly don't think either of my kitties would hold still long enough to keep such a hat on them! He certainly must be the guardian of St Biddies!

  6. TeeHee Von Trouser.....SO cute! How I love an animal with a hat, especially a wee top hat! And Yay for an op shopping road trip. I am SO looking forward to finally seeing Invercargill soon too. You have made jeans work for you by teaming them with the waistcoat & tie....and of course the little brown shoes! I just wish I could enter the photo & see your glorious treasures....oh wait, hopefully I'll see it all for myself in a few months! Mwah-ha-ha! I love that pigeon hole thing, are those alligators on the wall? Xx

  7. You look so pretty! Those jeans were such a cool find and nobody rocks a beret like you do! I've shown Mao and his hat to Stephen Squirrel but he refuses to join in! xxx

  8. You look amazing! I don't wear jeans all that often, either. I love yours, especially with that vest and tweedy coat! I also think it's pretty funny how you came to be a new kitty cat owner. I wonder if that's common for cats to keep returning to their old home?

  9. You are owning this outfit and those trousers I love it all! Hello Mao and welcome to the family! She is a beauty! How ever did you get that hat on her!

  10. You know, cats decide where they want to be, and Mao Von Trouser is obviously very happy to stay with you Squirrels!
    I love this look on you, Vanessa - so different from your usual pretty dresses and skirts, but really stylish and cool, you look wonderful. And very important and business-like!
    Have a delicious weekend, my friend! xxxx

  11. You look gorgeous! You look so stylish in those clothes! Kisses x x x x

  12. Oh I am so happy about Mao, I am smiling so much!!! I love love love this look on you Vanessa, it is so very different and yet the details make it just perfect. Great waistcoat, shirt and cufflinks - all of which are on my "wish / want" list. I love the masculine look. As for jeans, they are so hard wearing I really can't imagine life without them. The cuffs on yours make your outfit just fabulous. Can I copy you???? xx

  13. i love all your trousers. the suit is amazing. and von trousers is a real cutie. lucyx

  14. You do the cutest man look I've seen! Love everything about this, from the beret to the shoes. The denim for me just gets lost in the overall great vibe. But maybe you'll have fun in these jeans in other looks too. The mini hat is adorable, and it's heartwarming that Mao has settled back into his old home/your new home. Your house needs that purr.

  15. This is one of my most absolute favourite outfit of yours ever! I totally love it, you look fantastic!! Can't get enough, it looks amazing. Looking again.... yep, still totally cool! xxxx

  16. what a sweet kitty! I once made an Easter bunny costume for one of my cats. She threw down a good bitch face in the photos I took. Love your outfit

  17. Oh I do love when an animal adopts a human. It is the perfect way to start a friendship.

    You are fabulous in this delightfully dapper outfit - I especially ADORE the spectacular tie. Honestly, is there anything you can't wear, Miss V?


    Sarah xxx