Trouser and Von Trouser.................

Hello sweet-peas from a wee traveling squirrel...

Yay, we had a road trip down to Invercargill this week, which meant op-shopping....
and yes I found some treasure's that I can't wait to show you.
But more to the point, I now own a pair of jeans.
It has been a very long time since denim covered my legs, I am still not completely comfortable in them but I think with the vest, cufflinks and great 70's tie it kind of works. 
Looking very official for breakfast with my kiddie coffee cup.

Oh oh talking about kiddies and with it being mothers day here on Sunday, we are now the proud owners of "Mao".
He has decided to own us which is more to the point.
He went back to his owner (the pervious owner of St Biddies) weeks ago but he just keeps coming back. So we asked if we can keep him and today I became a mummy to

(Mao) or as we have been calling him "Von Trouser"

Looking very dapper in his little black hat.

Love V


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