Monday, April 2, 2012

Oh hello sweet-peas.........

What a wee whirl wind we have been on!
Last week we went on another road trip, this time down south.
I have been feeling a little blue lately so wearing blue suits me just fine.
The cute wee blue floral dress was a find at the "Salvos" in Melbourne, for us wee New Zealanders that is "Sallies" or when I am asked where did you get that dress "Sallies boutique'.
The beautiful maracite swallow brooch was my mum's, a gift from my dad when they first started dating back in the 60's.
If you want to see more of the trip check out 

love v


  1. Sorry to hear you are feeling blue but you look gorgeous in it! I love that you call it Sallies. xx

  2. I tend to call it Sally's too - jazzes it up a little! Shame ours here isn't much of a boutique.

  3. Oh love, you and me both. We should be writing country songs. You look as gorgeous as always - the sweet frock is lovely and the brooch is GORGEOUS. I hope you feel better soon. Big hugs across the sea. Sarah xxx

  4. You're so cute! The petticoats are fantastic!

  5. Sorry you're feeling blue, but you look good in it, the blue colour, that is. You are beautiful, especially with all those fine white petticoats peeking at the hemline. I want to go on a picnic too and drink out of a thermos. What's inside? Some hot chocolate perhaps? Tea? Mulled wine? Lovely location.

  6. On no sorry that you've been feeling under the weather... although I have to admit I can sympathies, I personally blame it on winter rolling in again. Your dress is adorable though. I think you're yet to post an outfit that hasn't made me just a teeny bit envious!

  7. I had a feeling you'd gone South...and was worried it wasn't for a good reason!
    You may feel a little blue,but you look beautiful!
    I've missed you!
    Sarah,incidentally,writes a GREAT country two would make a fabulous due!!!

  8. You can probably guess that I adore that birdy brooch. You look blooming beautiful as usual Miss V. Looking forward to seeing where you ended up on your trip. I've missed your posts & was a wee bit worried like Helga. Love to you lovely lady. Xx

  9. Oh what a beautiful treasure your dad gifted to your mum - clearly a man of very good taste - and they made you so of course they're going to be awesome people! I love your petticoat/s - looks like you've got two under your Sallies frock? Be kind to you darling woman, you are one of a kind:)). I loved your comments about my moon man swimsuit and lurex pants - you made me laugh! xoxo

  10. Love your swallow brooch. I'm so sorry you're feeling down, though with all you have had to contend with, it's not surprising. Take care of each other, you gorgeous suirrels, the good times are around the corner. xxxxx