Handmade poppy and an adoption......

Yesterday was  ANZAC day, an important day of remembrance, thankfulness and reflection.
I made the wee red poppy to wear as a little protest over the fact that the RSA are now getting there poppies made in China, they were made here in Christchurch by Kilmamock Enterprises who employ 71 intellectually disabled workers before.  GRRRR
When will it stop. So I made my own and then made a donation to the RSA.
Red poppy worn with cat sick colored cardy. Yay!!!!

Then to my squeals of delight, look who turned up in the letter box. The very gorgeous Cathy from the city mission shop decided this Little fellow was needing a family of nutty squirrels to live with.
As we ticked all the boxes on the adoption papers.....
Welcome to our house
Mr Grey fuzzy wuzzy squirrel.
you are my friend.

love v

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