Monday, April 23, 2012

Pack me off in a crate......

The madness that is my huge collection of polka dot dresses continues.
Yip this is another new wee cutie and believe it or not she has a sister!!!!
She is waiting for another post.
I brought them while we were in Melbourne, 'new'! eeeekkk. At $40.00 each it was such a bargain and the fit was so good. I have shortened both of them for a better look.
I must count up how many polka dot dresses I have now???????

The little white 60's vinyl handbag is one I sneaked out of the shop stock on Friday for my catch up with the fabulous Miss Helga. Pop over and see what we got up too.

We have been crazy wee squirrels getting the sale ready here at home, please tell your friends and vintage loving sweet-peas about it. There are some totally gorgeous things going into it.
Also remember the "Spaces" by Frankie giveaway is still open too!!!!!

Ok sweets I think a crate would be to small for me and my dresses, more likely a Shipping container.....

love v


  1. I love your dress and I really love your shoes - definitely had some similar as a kid.

  2. Oh so gorgeous in polka dots, Miss V! Doesn't matter if you're standing in front of crates or a Virginia Creeper, you're delightful! xxx

  3. Aren't you freaking adorable!! I too have a polka dot addiction!! xxx

  4. You look marvelous, but what I love the most are the shoes. Since childhood i've always had a thing for red shoes and they are just so comfy looking!

  5. Love polka dots and I doubly love those gorgeous shoes. I was swooning over the candy coloured retro dress and purple shoes you wore to go shopping with Helga. If you ever decide to sell it let me know!!! xxx

  6. Cute, cute cute! I love that dress! I would enter your giveaway but alas I already have the book... in fact I think that could well be how I started following your blog to begin with. Isn't it fantastic!

  7. love your raspberry beret with your polka dot dress....
    Hope your having a lovely week!

    Leah x

  8. Clearly, squirrels like polka dots because with their squirrel vision they are reminded of acorns. I remember polka dot madness when Princess Diana wore them in the late eighties. Everyone was mad, mad, mad for them. I still do love them. You look divine in this dotty dress. You must wear more, more!

  9. You can never have too many polka dot dresses. Yours is lovely and so is the bag.

  10. You look gorgeous, as always, V - red suits you - and as a fellow polka dot frock lover, I say YAY!!! Sarah xxx

  11. Blue and white polko dot and red what is there not to love here ;-)) You look gorgeous, dee x

  12. Polka dots are always so cute and this dress fits you so good! The little red shoes oh my I think they make the outfit!

  13. I love me a polka dot dress, i own several polka dot frocks myself.
    Polka dots are classic you could never go wrong.
    Look there goes those cute red shoes again.
    Your looking ever so sweet, love your smile amor.

  14. Sooooooooooooooo pretty