Friday, April 20, 2012

Autumn floral.....

While un-packing some of the treasures for the sale I came across a bag of things marked winter dresses, to my excitement there were a couple that I was going to wear last year in the shops.
Since that plan was some what stuffed, lets wear them in the garden.
This is a wee cute 70's floral dress, handmade and is so warm to wear, the colours seem perfect for a cool autumn day. 
The neighbours wee pussy-cat "Ella" seems to know when we are taking photos and turns up all the time. I am sure there is a secret alarm on the cameras us lovely bloggers don't know about, it can only be heard by cats.

Happy autumn floral days......

love v


  1. Cats always know, especially when you want to sit on the bed, they're always there in the centre of it.

    I love the colours in this outfit, so warm and cosy xxxx

  2. I love that one on you Miss V! The style looks great & fits you so well. Today must have been the day for some orange. Great minds think alike! I so wish I could pop by for the Squirrel sale. I'll be with you in spirit from over the Ditch. Xx

  3. That is one pretty dress. One of our cats Ed loves to attack my cameras, well she likes attacking plastic which is why I think she goes after it, but yeah as soon as she knows the camera is out she can be all over it. Crazy little creatures are cats for sure.

  4. I am in orange florals today too, like you and VBG - great minds and all that!
    I love your frock, I love the style and the print and the colours. I love that that cat radar is working. I love these photos. Hell, I think I'm a little in love with YOU! xxxxx

  5. Soooooo pretty. Fabulous orange and brown retro floral love! Who could ask for more xxx

  6. Oh I love that dress! What a perfect print for Autumn.
    Sophie x

  7. Lovely lovely lovely! You are so beautiful, V - and Mr Squirrel looks spunky as always. I am tempted to chop a couple of maxis into knee length... is that ok, do you think?

    Love! Sarah xxx

  8. Yay,more lovely Autumny browns!!! Such a sweet frock,hurrah for finding fogotten about goodies...had a bit of that yesterday myself!

  9. You both are so friggin fall in this post, like a beautiful cornucopia! I love finding things you forgot about, I'm knee deep in my summer clothes some I have yet to wear:)