Little brown bunny and teddy bear.......

Two of my beautiful friends have recently given me a couple fabulous presents.
Lucky Girl!!!!
The lovely Katherine gave me these very cute little Mr Bunny sepia earrings, they are from "Portico"
in Lyttelton, always happy with bunnies.
The teddy bear coat was a snugly gift from the wonderful Andrea, such a great 1950's coat with a nice wide collar and cool big buttons.
The very handy big vinyl 60's bag was Warren's Nana and was a present from Warren's mummy Marie.
Brown bunny-teddy-squirrel,
that's me.

love v



Oh thank you for all the lovely comments on my dress in the last post.
 It is new!!!!
I know????
Its from Laura Ashley and is part of there Archive range.
I have always wanted a beautiful 50's cabbage rose vintage dress, but in all the years of collecting and owning the shops I never found a big girl one.
So when my lovely friend Katherine told me she saw this in the window at Laura Ashley I just had to go and have a look.
The rest is as they say history.

love v

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