Friday, April 6, 2012

Two more sleeps and the bunny comes.......

I hope that I have not been to naughty and the Easter bunny does come???

I so forgot that I brought this dress at the Shabby chic market last month, sorry I have not pressed it well. It was so nice to wear, the fabric is pure silk and the teal green inserts are an interesting detail on the skirt. I had so many comments on it, and it was funny as I was not sure it was a good shape on me,            I think it was the red.
The stylish Miss Helga made the little black bow and it is fabulous for so many of my dresses.
Happy good Friday sweet peas.

love v

The end of the Road trip.......


  1. I wasn't sure if the teal bits were apart of the frock, it's so cute. xx

  2. I like the colour combination, and it's silk? Ooh, Miss V, how lovely!
    Hope you have a delightful Easter, Honey Bunny! xxxx

  3. I think it's great on you, let's hope the bunny drops off something fab for you

  4. Very cute! Hope you have a great Easter weekend. xx

  5. I love these colors beautiful dress. You know what's cuter than the Easter bunny? YOU!

  6. The teal and red are wonderful together and the bow is inspired - it makes me think sailor girl. I love your cute rabbit ears.

  7. I love the teal and red together and it's such a good colour on you. Happy easter. :-) xx

  8. Your brooch from the last post is pure heaven!!
    I'd forgotten about that pretty frock too!Silk,you say?How splendid!I love the little turn back contrast on the sleeve.Yay the grosgrain bow goes perfect-like!
    I do hope you've been scoffing loads of lovely choccie.I foolishly scoffed far too much vodka last night....I'm sure vodka is a crucial part of Easter?!

  9. That frock is so gorgeous - I love the interesting colour combo. And you look delightful in a beret, V! Sarah xxx

  10. In love with your red /teal and black ribbon combo so pretty.