Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bye bye blues, Hi green beam.......

The blues are passing and a wee beam of green happiness has helped the mood.
Thank you poppets for the lovely comments.
It is sometimes hard to reflect on the pass year without feeling like the rabbit hole is a lot deeper than I ever imagined!

But happiness is a little green squirrel brooch, a lovely gift from the gorgeous Justine at Collections, she and her partner Chris lost there vintage shops to the earthquakes too.
The great news is they have reopened a pop-up shop in "Forgers".
I am so looking forward to going and finding a treasure.

The two packed bags are from the adventure down south.
Check out where we went next here at

love v


  1. That dress is so pretty. It's good you can find happiness in the little things.

  2. Gorgeous dress, and big photos, and that little squirrel , ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You are sooooooooo lovely

  3. The website looks great v. Must tell terry about the pop up shop at foragers, he has sorely missed chaos, thanks for the heads up x

  4. What a lovely pin! And you are looking so pretty, Miss V.

  5. Another BEAUTIFUL frock and what a gorgeous brooch. So glad you have a ray of sunshine today, darling. You look radiant! Sarah xxx

  6. Green makes everything better! What an adorable frock & I love it teamed with the green cardy & brooch. So glad you had a wee escape. I hope the blues have been blown away. Love Xx

  7. I think I need more green in my life!

  8. You look sweet as ever in this gorgeous frock. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better, life sometimes gets us down, but usually not for long. You have the prettiest lips in blogger land!

  9. I adore your little wee green squirrel wiping the chocolate off his whiskers and then clapping! Wonderful green, and your lipstick makes your face shine in complement. Great!

  10. How I love your dress, Vanessa - what a fabulous collection you have. Good to hear you are feeling a bit brighter. Happiness is indeed a beautiful Squirrel - that would be YOU, my dear! xxxxxx

  11. O,good god,how adorable is that brooch?!
    So cute and so YOU!
    You look just lovely in this outfit,darling Miss V!Hurrah for the blues passing,and the calming greens coming through!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  12. You are so pretty, I absolutely love your outfit.
    P.s. Your squirrel brooch seriously made me smile.
    "HOW CUTE IS IT"?! *hehe*

  13. What a beautiful dress and the brooch is so cute! Glad you're feeling brighter. your road trip looked like fun too x

  14. I love your outfit, you're a colour mix inspiration. Hope all is well xxx