Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Spaces........... Giveaway!!!!!!!!

We have decided to do a very heartfelt giveaway!!!!!
This amazing magazine which the fabulous poppets at "Frankie" produced features two little squirrels and there shops pre- earthquake squashing.
We were so excited to be asked to be part of this project and so happy to have a wonderful record of a wonderful time when we were living a dream.
To share this we have one "Spaces" to giveaway.
This is a very special copy as we saved it from "Two Squirrels" in the Cashel Mall before it was demolished. 

To find out how to enter, click the link below

Yay Spaces!!!!

love v


  1. Oh Miss V - Spaces is how I discovered you - thanks to purchasing my very own copy well over a year ago. I was absolutely smitten with your vintage frocks and formica tables and vinyl pouffes and vintage cushions and daisy boo. It reminded of home and growing up in the 70s and epitomised all that I love. Thank you Vintage Squirrels! And I love those red shoes too.

  2. Look at you Squirrels, you're famous!
    The magazine looks fabulous.
    And so do you! Such a gorgeous print on your frock.
    Here's to new dreams, lovely V. xxxxxxx

  3. I am so looking forward to seeing you!

  4. How fabulous!I most certainly shall be entering!

    I have the white-well,not so white nowadays-twin of your brown vinyl delight featured last post!!SUCH a fab bag,such a great shape and size!
    I love the brown outfit;I used to loathe brown until G sinfluenced me by how fabulously he wore it!Now I'm really into it!I have a couple of brown coats,but none as nice as that!

  5. I already have a copy of Spaces so please don't enter me in your give-away V, it's a wonderful book full of fabulously interesting/quirky interiors (yours included) I urge your lucky readers to enter your give-away so that they might get their hands on a copy of their own.

    p.s I am head-over-heels for your glorious carpet. Wow!

  6. Oh wow I just followed your comment from another blog as I recognised the name from a frankie magazine. Then what do I see, SPACES the book I am coveting and soooo dying for - for sooo long now. Entering!

    Love your blog, so Following!


  7. How coooool!!! I'm defo going to enter even though i really wish you were giving away those red shoes! x

  8. Love this outfit you look gorgeous! Spaces is how l found you too! Love your style....
    Leah x