Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tutti Frutti polka dottie......

Tee Hee!!!!!!!
This is as much leg as you will ever see me show, sporting the fabulous witches britches op-shopped last week. 
White stockings from the I've seen NO sun department, very expensive and one of a kind design.

Tutti Frutti 40's pin off an old hat.
Ruffle polka dot hair comb, a gorgeous present from the amazing lady Miss Helga.

Polka dottie fun!!!!

love V

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  1. LOVE Witches Britches! My Gran used to own a few pairs and I'd beg to wear them to school under my Intermediate uniform. (circa 1981) I thought they were gorgeous and couldn't understand why nobody else thought so.

  2. Ooh Safety Pants!!! You know I adore a black/white/red/polka dot outift and you look just GORGEOUS, V. The fruity brooch is lovely. You're just so lovely I want to put you in my pocket and take you everywhere I go. Sarah xxx

  3. I love the witches britches, and that polka dot attire. cute, cute, cute.
    Loving the brooch.

  4. teehee Witches Britches! You make everything look so cute without even trying

  5. Ooh, get you, Miss V, flashing your pants! And I have exactly the same white stockings, haha!
    Loving your polka dots and cute cardigan, and especially your gorgeous fruity brooch, Yummy! xxxxxxx

  6. I have never ever heard the term witches britches, but I love it! Brilliant! You look super cute x

  7. Omg this is my favorite outfit post so far, I officially wanna squeeze the bejesus outta you! Your witches britches are sexy mama! You are the cutest!

  8. TeeHee you are so cute Miss V! Loving the polka dots & the little cardy. Sweetness. Xx

  9. Love the fruit brooch. Too cute! And your fancy underpants! Couldn't find the term "witches britches" in my dictionary. Is it typical Australian or New Zealandish?

  10. Ha ha, I have those white tights too although living in Manchester England, mine have a slight blue-y tinge to them. Love love your 'bloomers'!! Polka dots and little cardies, gorgeous!!