Monday, January 23, 2012

Rosy Posy

I do like a good house-coat and you do find they are usually lovely fabric and cotton.
Wearing them as a dress with a tie at the waist works well.
This one has the prettiest rose pattern and we are always a happy vintage girl when its roses!!!
happiness to you sweet-peas

love V


  1. I would never have guessed it's a house coat. You're right you can never go wrong with pretty roses. xxx

  2. Love those roses, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. Like Em, I wouldn't have realised it wasn't a frock if you hadn't said. Gorgeous rose print, the colours suit you so well. I've got a vintage cotton nightie with big blowsy pink roses on it, I love it (the rest of the family think it's awful but what do they know?!) xxxxx

  4. I had no idea it was a housecoat - and I am the housecoat queen! The fabric is delightful as always - you're so super duper cute! Sarah xxx

  5. I've been going through your blog and I love your dresses! x

  6. I really, really, really like your makeup. Would you do a tutorial?