Sunday, January 29, 2012

We have been caught.......

It will be a crime but these treasures need a home!!!!!!!!
For the last weekend in the pop-up shop we are having a sale.
Starting at 10am this Friday going through til Sunday.
We will be going nuts and the prices will be CRIMINAL!!!!

love V&W
AKA Bonnie & Clyde


  1. Ha ha I love these pictures! Wish so much that I could come down for the sale! Really can't wait for your online shop, I've heard so many great things about Two Squirrels.

  2. Oh don't tease me from across the ditch! Wish I could be teleported to Two Squirrels next weekend. If only I could wriggle my nose like Samantha from Bewitched! Xx

  3. You two are hilarious if only I could come and visit!! xx

  4. Wish I was in CHCH (only to come and see you guys mind you - I'm not strong enough to deal with all the quakey stuff) Thanks for all the lovely comments you have been leaving - I spy some gorgeous frocks you've been wearing lately, as always! Hope everything goes well! x

  5. Ah,bloody excellent!What gorgeous crims you make!
    Poos I'll be winging my way to Aus.......c'est la vie!
    Yay for Curtise and Em being winners! I knew they were anyway,but y'know!!!

  6. Love these mug shots! You most certainly are a fine looking pair of criminals!! ha ha

    All the best for the finaly weekend in the pop-up shop!

    Enjoy x0x0x

  7. I love the pictures. They look great. We'll be there with bells on. See you then xo

  8. You gorgeous fugitives! Great photos. Good luck with the criminally bargainacious sale! xxx