Denium Dungaree Girl

I do not own a pair of jeans, in fact sweet-peas I don't really wear pants, trousers or strides(I just wanted to use that word), its not that I have anything against them its just I can't seem to get the right fit. I always feel so uncomfortable in them, I've had a heap of operations(pelvic) and my tummy is so sensitive and bloated most of the time. BUT I can wear overalls or dungarees. I have been on the hunt for some denium ones for so long, while we were in Invercargill for Christmas Warren's mum took me to Savemart and look what was there. Yay!!! They are to big for me but just perfect for the garden.
Gardening bunny I was today, we are getting the nest ready to open on Saturday.
I have a heap of fabulous new dresses to go in.
Overall lots of wonderful new treasure!
love V

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