Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Auspicious Day and giveaway!!!!!

Happy birthday little squirrel Blog!!!!!!
Today we started this journey 1 year ago, when I look back there are moments of great sadness, pure joy, lots of laughs and the wonderful, very kind support from all you beautiful sweet-peas.
To say thank you we are going to send a little pretty pink parcel to one lucky follower.

Contents of the prettiness:
fabric flowers in pink & green
chiffon scarf
pink bangle
2 pink rose hankies
pearly beads
beautiful Lucite "pink roses in a basket" brooch
pink rose 50's make-up bag

If you are a follower of this blog.
You can enter
(will send overseas)
To be in the draw leave a comment and the squirrels will draw a lovely winner on Saturday the 28th of January under nut supervision.

 love V


  1. Wow, the easiest competition to enter EVER ... especially as I'd planned to tell you anyway that I adore the dress you're wearing. You two were destined to be together.

    And congrats on your one year blog anniversary!

  2. Ooh I am mainly entering for the fabric flowers!! How I regret not buying that peach wreath-y floral thing on Saturday! Also your dress is truly stunning, too beautiful for words. It looks like it belongs in a museum or an exhibition.

  3. oh happy birthday little squirrel blog, I have enjoyed reading your squirrel journey and look forward to many more adventures!
    What a gorgeous giveaway idea!
    xx Rosina Lee

  4. Easiest but super-cutest!
    Lova all of these things because they're romantic-nostalgic and pink *_*
    BTW I also love your huge floral dress that you1re wearing here!!!
    Lovely Congrats !


  5. That dress is one of the most gorgeous I have seen - but I think that is because you are wearing it. One year of blogging - fantastic. You guys are right up there (in a vintage sort of way). Anne xxx

  6. AHH Vanessa! Your blog and I share the same birthday!!
    Sadly I won't be able to visit the lovely wee nest before it closes but I am very much looking forward to your online store!! Love the give away bundle!!
    Sending lovely thoughts to you and Warren!! xx

  7. Oh what gorgeous things - are you sure you can bear to give them away?!
    You look gorgeous - that dress may be the most beautiful one yet from your fabulous collection.
    Happy 1st Birthday to the Squirrels, long may you continue to beautify the blogging world! xxxxxx

  8. Happy bloggaversary! <3 You're gorgeous as always V! It's so sweet of you guys to do a fun giveaway! I wonder where you'll be sending it to *wink wink!*

    Will be visiting you soon on your last Friday at the Nest... am going to finish work early ESPECIALLY to get to you before closing time *fingers crossed* :P

    Love, Suyi

  9. Count me in, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I love pink.

  10. Oh gee, it's been an absolute delight reading your blog Miss V. What a gorgeous dress you have on today to celebrate your one year bloggy anniversary!
    What a gorgeous giveaway! Count me in!

  11. So lovely!! Happy blog birthday!! Beautiful dress by the way <3

  12. Congrats Squirrels! What a delightful giveaway - and what an EXQUISITE frock! So looking forward to the next year. Sarah xxx

  13. Thank YOU for blogging.
    It has been great to see into your life.

  14. okayyyyyyy, firstly, yup that dress is frigggin FAB!!!! 2ndly, ur hair looks just gorg up like that!!! and 3rdly, golly gosh i will miss comming out to play in your nest, u have inspired me even more to wear vintage with true pride every day. Rob and i just adore you 2 and would very much like to keep in touch with you both. see u on ur last weekend, well be the nutters on the vintage bikes!!!! HAPPY BLOG BURFFDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  15. just lovely - I love the pink pink chiffon scarf and your dress of course!

  16. Gorgeous giveaway and loving the dress- your collection is fantastic.

  17. Happy Bday Blog! Loving the pink lippy as opposed to the usual red, V! (although, I love red lippy too!)

  18. Happy Blogday, Vanessa and Warren! Your dress is fabulous. Would love to go in the hat please x

  19. Happy Sqirriversary to you both and dont you look so pretty in that dress xx

  20. Habby bloggy birthday!!! That frock is magically and the giveaway is too sweet. xxx

  21. Happy first blogging birthday, i'm just a new follower to your blog and i've been loving every post so far! I'd love to be entered in your giveaway! xx

  22. Ooh, can I enter?

    I love your dress!

    A x

  23. Vanessa you look stunning! Happy Birthday and what a celebration of survival for you and all Cantabarians!!
    Much love Melissa xxx

  24. How very splendid!
    Happy Blog Birthday!Amazing how fast a year went!!!
    I am SO adoring this frock,it's scrummy,as are you in it!
    Love the pic on the floral blankie best,all those heavenly colours!!
    Eeek,count me in on the giveaway,I adore pink!

  25. happy Blog birthday - as usual you look utterly GORGEOUS Vanessa! Love that dress & what I wouldn't do for five minutes drooling in your wardrobe!

  26. From one squirrel blog to another, happy birthday! and thanks for a fabulous giveaway :)

  27. Oh happy birthday to the gorgeous Two Squirrels. It's been a joy to follow your journey over the past year. Loving that frock Miss V....so beautiful! Xx

  28. I'm a follower! :) Congratulations on your blog birthday! :)

  29. Oh my! That brooch is gorgeous. Happy Birthday! :)

  30. Oh happy Blogiversary to you too! Here's to the next year for us both x

  31. Happy First Blog Anniversary! You do a really great job with it. Looking forward to visiting you once more before you move online :)

  32. Dear Miss Vanessa

    Please can you put my name in the hat for your lovely rosy Squirrel treasure giveaway! I would call that beautiful pink collection “La Squirrel Vie En Rose!”

    I live in London and first heard of Two Squirrels a year ago when you were featured in Frankie’s “Spaces” book. I thought your home looked beautiful, particularly the dining area and the lovely vintage cushions in the bedroom, and I loved your beautiful green and red rose dress. Ever since then I have followed your blog through the highlights and low points of your year. I think what happened to you last year was incredibly difficult but although you were absolutely heartbroken, you tried to be positive too, something which is much easier said than done.

    I think your blog is very different from many of the vintage blogs I follow as it always features a perfect compact combination of beautiful snapshots, cute captions, sweet little messages and thoughts for the day. Thank you for sharing your little slice of vintage heaven & I hope that 2012 is a very happy year for you both.

    Best wishes from another Miss V,

  33. Happy Blog Birthday Two Squirrels!
    What a year it has been, so different from what any one could have anticipated but you have been amazingly "bushy tailed" through it all - even giving out the Birthday presents - lovely giveaway!
    I hope to get out for the last weekend at the Nest