Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Nuts have picked a WINNER!!!!!!

34 nuts in the basket, 34 beautiful comments from you lovely sweet-peas.(thank you)
Who is number 7??????
Yay, its the the gorgeous Miss Curtise from "PastCaring"
The parcel of pink prettiness is on its way.

Now because this was so much fun we decided to do one more draw, and because we love you guys!!!

Who was 20????
Yay, Em from "Vintage Sweetheart"
Another wee parcel of a pretty scarf and beads is on its way to you.

What a great way to end a lovely day that started with a get together with a amazing Miss Helga at a vintage clothing sale. We had so much fun and we both got fabulous frocks that were just heavenly and they fit perfectly. Will show you soon, its so so pretty, thank you Vintage Universe.

Em and Curtise please email me with the Mr Postman details and I will send your gifts on Monday.

love V


  1. What a cute little idea to pick winners!!! ps; Vanessa you have the most gorgeous blue eyes ever :)

  2. Yay thank you! I was really happy for Curtise then I scrolled down and saw my name too, woo hoo! I will email you now. I saw you on Helga's blog I'm so jealous can't wait to see what you bought. xxx

  3. Contrats to both Curtise & Em....I hope you enjoy your special squirrel parcels! Wish I could have been there in Rangiora at the sale today! Xx

  4. Aww 2 of my favourite girls one well I have lots of favourites but they are 2 of them lol wel done chickies and your a doll V xx

  5. Hee hee - I'm a WINNER! YAY!!!!
    Ahh, thanks Vanessa and the lucky number 7 nut, I'm really pleased, for lovely Em too.
    I saw you over on Helga's blog, I'm soooo envious of you two getting together with Max and Claudine and getting to rummage through all sorts of vintage frockery.
    LOVE your flowery frock, that bright blue and red look fabulous on you - Celia is right, the blue matches your eyes! xxxxxxx

  6. Yey congrats to both the winners!! Love how you picked out the winners!

  7. Your blog showed up on some of my fav blogs so I had to click my way over and after peeking around at posts I am your newest follower. You are so cute. I'd love for you to come by and say hello sometime.

  8. What a fantastic way to do the draw - too cute! Congrats to the winners :)