Wednesday, January 11, 2012



Its hard to believe sitting in the nest that we will be all closed up in 4 weeks, its such a cool space and we put so much work into it. I remember how hard it was to try to pull up the socks again and to find the strength to carry on. We have been so humbled by the support form all the lovely sweet-peas who have made there way out.
So will end another phase, then on to the new and exciting world of "Squirrels online".
We have both been brain storming and have so many ideas of what we can do.
Of course all you lovelies will be able to see it all here.
love V


  1. Your shop looks super wishes for your online shop looking forward to seeing your goodies..
    Leah x

  2. I'm sure your online shop is going to be amazing! I think it's amazing how you have managed to find new ways to continue when so many others would have just admitted defeat! Good luck to you:)
    Oh by the way, is that a giant taxidermy lizard clinging to your back wall?! Amazing!

  3. Oh dear, I just realised that I wrote amazing 3 times... must be getting late, should head off to bed!

  4. Vanessa, you look so gorgeous and serene in these photos, though I don't suppose you feel at all serene on the inside... Look at all your beautiful treasures, and look at you, ladylike and elegant in your polka dots and chignon.
    I'm feeling for you after all the two of you have been through, and I am sending as many good wishes as is humanly possible for your online venture. Keep us posted, love! xxxxx

  5. Let me know if I can help in any way! I am inspired by you every single day. xx

    (I made an unintentional rhyme!)

  6. Am very sad I never got to visit The Nest/Two Squirrels in person. After I found you in Spaces I always wanted to. I look forward to online shop. I shall be purchasing!