Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Little plum pickers

The little squirrels fruit tees have started to produce some yummy goodness!!!!
Happiness is little squirrel cheeks filled with plums.
Hope I don't get a sore wee furry tummy after eating far to many.

love V


  1. I love the full cheeks photo so cute!! Yay for growing your own fruit, I've never seen plums like them before. xx

  2. Haha! That is definitely the most 'squirrel' looking I have ever seen you, V!

  3. So sweet. I love the polka-dots on you. And your hair looks particularly fabulous too! Xx

  4. More like a hamster than a squirrel, storing food in your cheeks for later! (Apparently I did that when I was a baby, my mother tells me - yuk!)
    Love your polka dots, and I'm going to refrain from making any Carry On jokes about Warren's plums...! xxxxxxx

  5. Delicious!! I nearly choked when I saw the stuffed cheeks!!!
    Mmmm,plum wine could be a fun thing to make? Or plum cobbler!!Yeah!Yum.With creaaaaaam!!!

  6. Love it - are they sweet? Nothing tastes better than fruit straight off the tree! Sarah xxx