Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Some simple things..................

Happy New Year sweet-peas!!!!!

The squirrels are in Kingston with Warren's mum and dad, and as you can see the weather has been very wet and windy. Thats a LAKE not the sea with waves,  eeekkkk!!!

So I have spent most of the day sitting in Basil reading, writing and thinking about the year ahead.
New years resolutions, buckets list and must achieve for a new year, ba-hum-bug!!!!!

I decided to write a this.........

Simple things for 2013

*1. Act more like a 7 year old than a soon to be 43 year old.
*2. Pick more flowers
*3. Build a hut or tee-pee
*4. Get up in the middle of the night to star gaze
*5. Ride on a carousel or Ferris wheel
*6. Build a sand-castle
*7. Plant some seeds
*8. Have a secret
*9. Watch a sunrise at the beach in winter
*10. Have a treasure box with a collection of feathers/leaves/shells/outside finds
*11. Find a house/nest/tree-hut/fixed abode..... A home....

Yip with a very simple outlook on the year ahead we should be able to put a tick by all of these .

And if not I will always have my gorgeous superman to take me up in to the clouds........

Love V


  1. You guys are so cute! I love your new year list, it's so simple but fantastic! I think we all need to remember to act more like 7 year olds sometimes ;). All the best for the new year. xx

  2. Hello there squirrels.......good plan and some lovely wishes........may all your wishes become realities and hope you find the perfect nest very soon......have a good feeling this is just around the corner for you.....love and best wishes for all happiness in 2013 x

  3. what great pics!....just found you today and am so pleased I did!. im also a soon to be 43 yr old , I generally try to act 8 or 9.....but nobodys fooled!!
    up up and away!
    Allison x

  4. go star gaze now-it's beautiful out there tonight and clear as a bell (in Rangiora at least). claud and her dada are camped out on the lawn star gazing and hedgehog hunting as i write. happy new year to you both xxx

  5. happy new year to you both! that is a great list - i like it so much i am going to write one (i don't 'do' new year resolutions but the list is a fabulous idea!) i hope you find your home x

  6. Hello and Happy New Year!! That lake looks so pretty even in the wind - which beats the lawn of snow we have. I need to regress in my years too - and generally learn to chill out more and stop being so stressed. I hope you find a lovely new home, I have a yearning to get into bricks and mortar too - tired of the hassle we have with out landlords.

  7. Lovely pics! You look so pretty:)! Kisses x x x x

  8. happy new year!
    soon 43 old? are you kidding? i thought, you and i would be in the same age ... i'm in my mid 30s ... wow, you look amazing! acting like a 7 year old is the fountain of youth. ;)

  9. Oh Vanessa your outfit is so cute! And Mr. Coconut used to have the same shirt as your man when we were dating. I had bought it for him as a gift and he pretty much wore the darn thing out.
    I like to act like a kid too. (I also don't plan to stop)
    I spent a big chunk of my Christmas money at ToysRus. "I bought myself the Hello kitty house!!!" *HAHAHAHA*
    Your list is quite lovely. I might have to make myself one like yours.

    p.s. I would have NEVER guessed your age. I too thought you were in your mid 30s. SO KEEP doing what your doing! Your beautiful!

  10. I'm with Melanie, no way are you 43, you're 33 right? I think I need some of your outlook on life, it's obviously the best youth remedy xxxx

  11. Your list is completely inspirational! Oh yes, I love every item. I'm so happy to see you and Warren playing. The beach hut is so cozy - nice to imagine living in there. Happy new year!!! Love, prosperity, and health to you both.

  12. This is a great list!

    All the best for the new year - thanks for the new year wishes as well. Miss seeing you around - might see you in Dunedin one day if I'm down! It has been great to be able to read about all your adventures on your blog anyway. I read more than I comment lately!


  13. As always so much cute - even your new years resolutions are adorable! I do hope you'll blog about the progress you make with the hut/teepee;)

  14. I think your list is pretty sweet, my favorite part is to act more like 7 year old. Lovely photos of both you!
    Happy new year!

  15. It's a very good list. Mind if I steal a few? ;)

  16. I love your pop of red and the stunning photos. Your thoughts for 2013 are the best and I hope you do them all!
    P.S. thank,you for your kind comment on my recent post! :)

    Have a great 2013! Xo

  17. Happy new year!!
    Your list is lovely and I wish everyone could act like a 7 years old child, plant more seeds and collect treasures from nature, that would be a great start!
    Wonderful photos as always and great outfit both of you!!!

  18. Happy new year, Squirrels! Those are excellent resolutions.

  19. What a great list, Vanessa! My youngest is 7 today so I will keep you informed as to her behaviour and what to emulate this year!
    You and Warren always look so lovely and chilled, wherever you are, whatever you're doing. Long may it continue, darling Squirrels. Hope you find your perfect tree house soon.
    Happy New Year to you both! xxxxx

  20. Happy 2013, dear squirrels

  21. YOU are simply DIVOON!
    I like the acting more like a 7 year old bit....!!!
    Missing you madly!

  22. Wo.....thought you were in your 20's. Lookin' young, lady!
    ; )