Some simple things..................

Happy New Year sweet-peas!!!!!

The squirrels are in Kingston with Warren's mum and dad, and as you can see the weather has been very wet and windy. Thats a LAKE not the sea with waves,  eeekkkk!!!

So I have spent most of the day sitting in Basil reading, writing and thinking about the year ahead.
New years resolutions, buckets list and must achieve for a new year, ba-hum-bug!!!!!

I decided to write a this.........

Simple things for 2013

*1. Act more like a 7 year old than a soon to be 43 year old.
*2. Pick more flowers
*3. Build a hut or tee-pee
*4. Get up in the middle of the night to star gaze
*5. Ride on a carousel or Ferris wheel
*6. Build a sand-castle
*7. Plant some seeds
*8. Have a secret
*9. Watch a sunrise at the beach in winter
*10. Have a treasure box with a collection of feathers/leaves/shells/outside finds
*11. Find a house/nest/tree-hut/fixed abode..... A home....

Yip with a very simple outlook on the year ahead we should be able to put a tick by all of these .

And if not I will always have my gorgeous superman to take me up in to the clouds........

Love V

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