Sunday, January 13, 2013

It was not meant to be.........

Hi Sweet-peas

Sorry for the lack of posts. 
We have been feeling a little down after two wonderful properties we both would have loved to live in have not worked out. The finding, dreaming, discussing and making an offer is a very big roller coaster ride, and when you miss out it takes a lot to get over the disappointment. They were both very unique properties and it would have been so much fun to start this next faze of our lives in either one of them. 

But that wonderful saying........

It was not meant to be......

Rings true!!!!!

So yesterday we had breakfast by the beach and just reflected on what is our beautiful home at the moment....

The road in Basil.

Love V&W


  1. I'm sorry to hear that your new homes didn't work out? Where are you looking to buy - are you back in Christchurch? Such lovely beach photos - I hope you find something just perfect soon and it the interim life with Basil and breakfast on the beach isn't all so bad:)

  2. Oh it is so disappointing to have your heart set on a place and it not work out. I'm sorry you've been a little downhearted, Vanessa. A picnic on the beach sounds a good way to enjoy the moment. Beautiful pics, as always. Good luck with the ongoing house hunting, you will find the right property in the end. xxxxx

  3. I have never understood why houses don't have cartoon-like pricetags pounded into the front yard. You see it, you buy it at the check-out, done, none of this secret bidding stuff, which seems cruel when our hearts are so entangled in the process. Sorry to hear it didn't work out. But Basil will be happy!
    Your beachside breakfast looks yummy and fresh. Have heart, your treasure still awaits.

  4. ... Experience has taught me that these disappointments are always for a reason..... It's hard to understand when you are in the moment... But I'm sure one day you will look back and see how it makes sense and you'll be relieved those houses didn't work out ...... I just know your perfect nest is waiting for you somewhere soon. How fabulous to have a lovely view like that..... Just stunning... And of course you have each other. Have a wonderful Sunday and sending you very best wishes x

  5. Aww, I'm sorry to hear that, Vanessa; it's even harder when you start dreaming, isn't it? You'll find the perfect property for you, I have no doubt. In the meantime, enjoy beachy picnics - your pics are lovely. xo

  6. That's how I deal, sometimes you think you want something and when you don't get it, something better comes along.

  7. Hi squirrels. I've been thinking of you two lately. Home hunting is hard work but the right place will come along. Happy hunting!

  8. I love your photos! I wish you luck! Someday you'll find, what you are dreaming about. Kisses x x x x

  9. The perfect place is just waiting for you, Warren and Basil. I am sure you will find it soon and then maybe you will be glad the past ones didn't work out. ;)
    lovely photos Vanessa

  10. I'm sorry there has been no luck yet on the house hunt. Hopefully the perfect abode for you lovelies is just around the corner, & will fulfill all of your dreams. It certainly must be an exhausting process, & frustrating when you are ready to settle somewhere. Take care darlings. Xx

  11. Ah honey I can only imagine that high high only to be let down. I'm real sorry to hear you lost two, I'm holding onto hope there is something better!
    Beautiful pictures as always!

  12. Im so sorry to hear you missed out. But i am a great believer in what is meant to be will be. You will now find something even more beautiful and special to call your own when you least expect it. In the meantime enjoy the freedom and the open road. Hugs dee xx

  13. Yes indeed, I am a great believer in that old one!
    The right place will be waiting for you, it's just not time yet, perhaps! Main thing is, you've got each other, and you've got more fun to have in Basil!!