New Coat=Happiness..........

Hello sweet-peas!!!

Thank you for all your lovely comments on the house hunting, I am sure something will turn up again that we will fall in love with and this time lets hope we can make it our home.

In the mean time why not do some op-shopping to take our mind off things.....
Yip that sounds like a plan.
First to my favorite Dunedin op-shop, "Shop on Carrol", I always seem to find a wee gem and the lovely ladies there always make you feel so special.
And look at SPECIAL, this gorgeous tartan 1970's swing coat by Society. It even rained so I had the chance to wear it. The polka-dot scarf was a perfect present from Warren's mum and dad, they know me so well. The cute wee navy satchel is from "Modern Miss. 
Which leads me to this......

 I have a very big favour to ask all you vintage loving poppets.......

The beautiful Miss Violet from "Modern Miss" has had the most horrible thing happen to her, and sadly I can understand completely. At New Year she had a terrible flood in her wonderful shop after her roof could not handle the volume of rain. Many treasured vintage items were destroyed and she has had to close the shop for repairs.
Above the shop in the Whiteroom she is having a big sale, please please go along and support her.
Its so important to help her to re-open.

To find out more about 

Love V

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