Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Coat=Happiness..........

Hello sweet-peas!!!

Thank you for all your lovely comments on the house hunting, I am sure something will turn up again that we will fall in love with and this time lets hope we can make it our home.

In the mean time why not do some op-shopping to take our mind off things.....
Yip that sounds like a plan.
First to my favorite Dunedin op-shop, "Shop on Carrol", I always seem to find a wee gem and the lovely ladies there always make you feel so special.
And look at SPECIAL, this gorgeous tartan 1970's swing coat by Society. It even rained so I had the chance to wear it. The polka-dot scarf was a perfect present from Warren's mum and dad, they know me so well. The cute wee navy satchel is from "Modern Miss. 
Which leads me to this......

 I have a very big favour to ask all you vintage loving poppets.......

The beautiful Miss Violet from "Modern Miss" has had the most horrible thing happen to her, and sadly I can understand completely. At New Year she had a terrible flood in her wonderful shop after her roof could not handle the volume of rain. Many treasured vintage items were destroyed and she has had to close the shop for repairs.
Above the shop in the Whiteroom she is having a big sale, please please go along and support her.
Its so important to help her to re-open.

To find out more about 

Love V


  1. Oh my! That coat is just perfect and I just adore teamed with polka dots. Lovely combo!
    Sophie x

  2. O NO!!!
    That's a real bummer for Violet. (Such a sweet lady)
    I noticed she was having a sale, but didn't know that was why. Bummer I'm not in Dunedin!
    Lovely score with that coat! Tartan!! SQUEE! It's too divine! I've never had a lot of luck opshopping in Dunedin,oddly. Just timing. When I lived there in 89 I scored loads of great stuff, though. I expect it's cos I'm only ever there over a weekend.

  3. Love your gorgeous coat, Miss V! Also love that beautiful pale pink frock and the hair bows. I would gladly help your friend - if you see something that is very ME, please go ahead and buy it for me and I'll send you the $ - I would like to help!

    Sarah xxx

  4. Lovely coat :) good luck to your friend

  5. I saw you yesterday wearing that coat (I'm not a stalker I promise!) and it looked amazing.

  6. You new coat makes me happy too! I can't think of a better distraction than op-shopping. I hope your friend has a sell-out sale.

  7. So good to see your beautiful smile again :-) Your coat is lovely. Pity i didnt live closer i would go and helped your friend. Fingers crossed she can manage to start again. dee x

  8. Fabulous coat, Vanessa, and I am seeing all sorts of things I would like to rummage through in Miss Violet's shop. I only wish I could be there to go shopping with you and find some treasures! xxxxxx

  9. This coat is amazing! You look beautiful! Clothes sometimes make me happy too :) Kisses x x x x x

  10. Such a gorgeous coat, Mrs Queen of Amazing Coats!! Those little bows are just wonderful too. You find fab stuff, lets hope you can harness your magic powers and find a new Squirrel nest xx

  11. Oh no how sad about the shop! It's so heart breaking when these things happen... especially when the items are really replaceable. I hope she manages to fix everything up again. And as for you? Do you think you will ever set up shop again? You have such a knack for finding great treasures! Beautiful jacket by the way, I love the little black tie you have added.

  12. I'm sorry to hear about the shop, I love what she's doing collecting all those treasures and I hope she could find a new place for them! The coat you are wearing is a real wonder and I love the cute pink bows!

  13. Yip gorgeous coat....suits you to a tee Miss V!!!! How I wish I could pop on over to the Modern Miss sale. It looks like a heap of fun. We missed seeing the op shop on Carrol as it was closed by the time we arrived. Paul & I had our noses pressed up to the windows, drooling over the interesting treasures inside. Perhaps when we catchup on our next trip we will have to raid the op shops together! Xx

  14. You look wonderful in that amazing coat ! What a great find ! Sorry to hear what happened to your friend, hope everythings get well soon ! Have a fabby day ! xx

  15. What a tragedy to hear about all those vintage treasures! Bloody hell I can see about 25 things I would snap up NOW if I was at the hall sale - GAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I do hope your friend can recover and reopen her shop. As ALWAYS, you take my breath away ... the beautiful light coat is absolutely gorgeous and oh with added polka dots and sweet, darling shoes - scrumptious!!!!! xo