Monday, January 21, 2013


Hello lovely sweet-peas!!!!

*Smiling out for lunch

*Pretty "Forget me not" brooch from Warren

* New Colouring Pencils

* Mr Knit Teddy

And doing something a little bit naughty.....
 Tee hee!!!!

all adds up to a fun, happy birthday with the person I love.....

love V


  1. Happy Birthday beautiful Miss V! I love those naughty photos of you - so mischievous. Also that's basically the cutest tin of coloured pencils in the history of the world.

  2. Happy Birthday to you darling Miss Vanessa. I hope you have had a magical day & I send you much love on this super special day. Xx

  3. Happy Birthday! Looks like a fun day for sure!

  4. can't keep squirrels out of the paddock!!!!!happy happy birthday to mr.knit teddy.....have a special day and sending you joyous birthday blessings x

  5. Happy birthday you lovely lady!!
    You are wonderful, inspiring and darling.
    lots and lots of love.

  6. Happy Birthday!!!I love the naughty smile in the last photo and you look amazing in your lovely dress!The Colouring Pencils box is the cutest I've ever seen, I'm sure that you'll make great artworks with it!!
    Love xxxx

  7. :-) You are such a sweet heart love the photo's of you being naughty in the paddock it did make me smile i would have done the same :-) Happy birthday have a wonderful day, dee xx

  8. Happy Birthday to one of my favorite blogging beauties! You are precious!

  9. Happy birthday vanessa-looks like you had a lovely day x

  10. You look beautiful! Photos are so sweet! Happy birthdayy!! kisses x x x x

  11. Ahh, a very happy birthday to my darling Vanessa!
    If the sign says stay out of the paddock, there must be something in there worth looking at, right? You are the cutest, naughtiest Squirrel! Hope you had a delicious day. xxxxx

  12. Happy Birthday Vanessa! Glad it was a fun day! Warren has lovely taste - that brooch is a stunner! And what fun pencils. You can't tame a squirrel - they do their own thing! xxxx

  13. Happy bithday & all the best ! Those pics are nice and i like your smile ! xx Tani

  14. Warren is a real sweetheart. That forget-me-not-wreath is sooo lovely. Happy birthday Vanessa. Have another happy year full of laughter and adventures.

  15. cute blog you have here! (and yay for being a kiwi woohoo!)
    and hahaha omg i just love these photos, yolo!
    and happy bday :)


    ♥ Ellen
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  16. HaaaaaPPPY BIRTHDAY again!!!
    Can't believe I got the day wrong. No, I can!
    So pleased you had a lovely one. Just as you deserve!
    The brooch is just darling!

  17. Happy Birthday! There something nostalgic about opening a new package of coloring pencils. The smell of the wood that hits you.Love it.

  18. You are the sweetest, most darling treasure Miss V!!! Thank you for sharing your birthday pics here, I LOVE that you climbed the fence, got pencils in a keep-it-forever box, knitted ted and oh the gorgeous brooch!! Dunedin gave you a lovely day on which to celebrate:). Happy birthday darling!!! xoxoxoxo

  19. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY Vanessa, even if I am a little late. ;)
    I adore those coloring pencils HOW CUTE!

  20. sounds like the perfect birthday, keep being cheeky and lovely!
    Love the brooch, the teddy and the pencils too! xxxx

  21. Happy belated Bday, Vanessa, you naughty thing! Lovely gifties. Xo

  22. A belated happy birthday darling Miss V!!! You look so super duper cute being NAUGHTY! Rules - and pencils - were made to be broken! May you have an AMAZING year ahead! Sarah xxx