Hi Sweet-peas......

The squirrels have spent a lovely weekend in Lawrence at the "Summer Arts Festival".
With a weekend pass in hand we were off to see the creative works of art displayed in the shops all down the main street of this quaint wee town.

To my delight I meet a gorgeous woman who I studied photography with at one of the exhibitions and we had a great catch up!  

 The weekend had a theme of 'creating a hat' so I just had to wear one!
 Oh how I wished I had some of my wee vintage treasures that are still in storage. Anyway to make do I bought a plain black hat and attached a fabulous 60's vintage pink bow head-piece I found for $5.00, then using some of my very redundant floristry skills I made a corsage and rose for my hair.

Then it was time for fresh raspberries and ice-cream in the park.

Perfect summer days...


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