Sunday, January 6, 2013 Summer??????

Hi Sweet-peas.....

Sorry for my lack of posts and catching up on your fabulous blogs, I just have not been in the computer there such a thing???
Anyway the last few days have seen crazy weather, we had so much rain on New Years eve that the squirrels were in bed by 10.30pm, boring....
Then it snowed on the mountains around Kingston, brrr the wind was like ice, perfect for a bonfire on the beach.
Two days later back to hot sunny summer days......mad mad I tell you.

 With the sun back out we had the most wonderful day at the Kingston Fire Brigade's fun sports day, I went with Warren's mum, a dear friend Louise and her wonderful kids.
They had gumboot tossing, chicken throwing, egg catching, running races, and raffles.
Thanks to lucky ticket "two of hearts" I won a truck, yip a big yellow truck......
Wow I am one lucky girl!!!!

Now if I could just win a house.....
tee hee.....

Love V


  1. Oh yay - congrats on your big win!! We are having the usual summer heat wave over here. You are gorgeous, as always!!! Big hugs, Sarah xxx

  2. Alright - winning is always good. Maybe your friends kids would appreciate the truck;) I won a "bowling set" at my work Christmas function this year and added it to the niece and newphews Christmas stash. These are such lovely and whimsical shots and I must agree - the weather is ALL OVER THE PLACE!

  3. A true delight! Enjoy the truck x

  4. I haven't been in the computer mood either for the past month. There has been to much real living to do so to speak the same as you :-) i have been a terrible blogger really. But hey life is for living and having fun. Enjoy your little truck :-) You look gorgeous as always, dee xx

  5. So far the year here has been: gloomy, rain, gloomy, rain. But on Wednesday, 80 degrees is in the forecast.What the hay? It's winter here. Maybe the sun will come out.

    Love the photo of you holding the sparkles

  6. You spent such a wonderful day! Kisses x x x x

  7. Delicious photos, as always, Vanessa, you look adorable, and you won a yellow TRUCK! Hurray!
    You're allowed a break from computers and blogging whenever you feel like it - no rules, no pressure! xxxx

  8. I'd heard the was a snow sighting! Bizzarro!
    I can't say I've been overly into the computer during the break, but still, I can't keep away!
    You won a yellow truck?! Huzzah!

  9. Sometimes it's nice to have a break from the computer isn't it? I did over Christmas. Bonfire on the beach looks lovely. Happy New Year. xx

  10. *RUBBER CHICKENS* I love them. Maybe I should buy one and have it hanging out of my purse so I don't seem so approachable. *LOL*
    I love your big yellow truck, what a fantastic win!

  11. How cute do you look in that frock with that truck??? I hope you have hours of fun with that, making those boy truck type noises. I couldn't believe it when I saw it had snowed on the Remarkables. Crazy weather! I know where I'd rather be! Xx