Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Welcome Miss Pansy

Hello sweet-peas!!!! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas day and Santa brought you fabulous vintage treasures.
This was one of my favourite Christmas presents. Warrens mum & dad gave me this wonderful vintage bike, called Miss Pansy, isn't she cute!!!!! I was just so thrilled, they gave me her to replace Miss Ruby, my pink bike I lost when two squirrels was demolished in the city.
I spent most of the day riding around the streets ringing my bell.
My Christmas day dress was a remake from a very damaged 50's dress, the fabric is just beautiful and I was so happy to save her.
I hope to have time to catch up on all you fabulous blogs soon. Happiness to you!!!! Love Vanessa


  1. Miss pansy is gorgeous! I love pansies they remind me of my Nanna. Enjoy your lovely Christmas present you lucky lady.


  2. Stunning of my all time favourites! Enjoy Miss Pansy! Xx

  3. How gorgeous are you, riding along on Miss Pansy and ringing her bell! And that dress is just beautiful. You have a wonderful collection of frocks. xxxx

  4. My dear Vanessa, what a sight for sore eyes you always are, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I adore that dress soooooooooo much.

  5. Your bike looks gorgeous and l love your dress.....must dust off my bike....

    Leah x

  6. Miss Pansy is gorgeous, almost as pretty as you in your vintage frock. What a fab replacement for your lost bicycle. x

  7. I looove that beautifl frock and OMG I AM SO ENVIOUS OF YOUR FAB BIKE! Congrats on a wonderful pressie, you lucky duck. Sarah xxx

  8. Eeeeeeeek,that frock!!!! Heavenly!!!
    Your new bike is simply splendid!!!!

  9. So cute! I have dreamed of having a little bike like this ever since moving back from Europe, but alas there are too many hills and not enough cycle tracks here. I imagine Christchurch being as flat as it is would be perfect though!

  10. I like your dress. You look very cute with your bike. Have a happy new year with lots of bike riding and joyful events on the road!

  11. Your dress is so so much amazing really...It suits you very well and you are looking very gorgeous in it...I just the idea of taking the snaps whiling cycling...Great!!

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