Monday, December 12, 2011

Back track!!!

This is the dress I wore on Saturday, oh was so excited when I saw it hanging in Sallies on Thursday, I didn't even try it on!!! I always know when I am thrilled with a new op-shop find when I rush home and wash it straight away.
The rayon fabric is beautiful, and I love the cowl neckline. All the rest of the outfit is made up of op-shop finds and Tete a Tete vintage treasure.
Oh and the new feature on the Two Squirrels vintage blog, Weasel the neighbour pussy cat, again.
Happy Monday!!!
Love V


  1. Wonderful dress, how lucky of you to have a Sally to go to, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh so jealous, my beautiful Vanessa.

  2. Lovely frock and lovely Weasel!
    I don't bother trying things on in charity shops any more - if I like, I buy, and if it's not right for me, it can always be passed on to a friend or go on Ebay. I'm quite a good judge of what will fit now anyway. And that dress fits you perfectly, so you are obviously a good judge too! xxxxx

  3. this dress is amazing!!excellent buy.