Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Caramel cardigan.

I was once told you should never wear brown and black together, but I seem to quite often. So if I am breaking some fashion rule, it's not brown but Caramel. It sounds more yummy anyway.
Today was message day, as we are open at the nest till Christmas eve day.
Look above for the hours sweet-peas.
Wearing today
-knit cardigan from vintage shop
-Laura Ashley dress(retail eeeek)
-mens 70's bow tie worn as a brooch
-school satchel on loan for day(two squirrels vintage)
-mens hat Tete a Tete vintage
-leather shoes op-shopped
Ok off to iron some great new things for the shop. Yeah!!!!
Love Vanessa


  1. There are no rules, but your own, and your are so exquisite.
    Love it all.
    And your pics a re getting bigger, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

  2. I completely agree with Sacramento, you make your own rules. And that combination works brilliantly. In fact I might try it myself!
    Loving the hat, and I totally thought the brooch was a handmade one, didn't realise it was a bow tie - it looks fab! xxxxxx

  3. Rules were made to be broken or we'd be a dull old lot! Black and brown look wonderful on you. x

  4. Bugger rules!!! Lets snap them all in two!
    I love the word,caramel.And the colour.It's a darling cardi,and I love all the details,that bow tie as a brooch especially!
    Hope to pop out soon for a visit and a fix!

  5. Hey there. It's my first time on this blog but I just wanted to say I love your country doll-like style, especially that polka dot dress. Now following you and if you like fashion illustration, stop by me some time, too.

  6. There is a special compartment of my heart set aside for paisley.
    I gave a good friend a paisley tie for Christmas, nothing quite says 'I appreciate you' like patterned neck wear.