So let's talk!!!

I have on my serious glasses to talk about the next stage of the squirrels!!
Some of you clever poppets have seen we are going to be cyber squirrels next year, yip an on-line shop!!!!
This is a big step for me as I have always only wanted the direct contact with where our treasure was going, but since the squashing of the shops I am faced with a new and exciting reality.
We are hoping to be up and running in a few months time if all goes well.(will keep you posted!)
Anyway on to these fab glasses I brought at the mission shop, when I dropped a Christmas present off to the gorgeous ladies I used to work with.
I can't see you sweet-peas they are as strong as hell and you are all fuzzy. I think I will have the lens removed.
The stripe jersey knit dress was a trade me buy way back in March, it's taken till now to fit the chubby squirrel.
Bunny brooch with pretty sparkles which is a reflection of the flowers in the garden.
Lovely to chat.
love V

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