Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A little blue butterfly.

Hello sweet-peas, what a gorgeous day today, so so warm.
We went to town today to do the last of the Christmas shopping.
It was perfect to wear a 50's cotton floral dress and my favourite blue (minx)shoes. Matched nicely with a wicker green handbag and the cute wee lapis lazuli earrings I brought at a garage sale on Saturday.
Little butterfly(Vanessa means butterfly) in the backyard.


  1. SO pretty! I love that your shoes and bag match your outfit perfectly.


  2. BEST DRESS EVER IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE! Just divine - I cannot tell you how much I adore it! Can you tell? And those shoes are perfection.

    Sarah xxx

  3. You look so beautiful in that dress...& matching shoes too. So lovely. Xx

  4. Oh I adore that frock! The print and the colours are just perfect. And with the bag, shoes and earrings too... you look gorgeous! And the backdrop is pretty damn perfect too! xxxx

  5. Oh what a beautiful dress! That blue suits you so well with your dark hair. Consider yourselves lucky that you are having such great weather. It has been rainy, windy and almost cold here all week and showing no signs of letting up... no the summer I ordered!

  6. You look so pretty in your floral frock amongst the greenery. I wish we could have a bit of your sunshine. x

  7. You look so pretty in that dress.
    And I am totally in love with your wicker handbag.