Sunday, August 25, 2013

When squirrels meet birds............

Hi Sweet-peas....

Oh so much happiness.......
The blossom is blooming and the chance to wear a dress with out a cardigan happened on Thursday in Dunedin. My poor old 50's dress has seen better days, I think she is about ready to go into retirement. I bought her when we first took over Tete A Tete, back in 2005. Its funny I never really liked the pattern but she became an old faithful, poor things looking her age.....a bit like her owner.

Then so much excitement at St Biddies on Friday as the truly lovely Leisa, aka Vintage Bird Girl, and her wonderful husband Paul(the Captain) came for lunch. To finally meet was such a treat, we lunched outside, wandered around the garden, and enjoyed the beautiful day.
Lots of vintage and op-shopping stories were much fun.
Pretty treasures excited to show them soon.
Just a fabulous day filled with happiness.

love V


  1. Looking her age??? ... oh I don't think so darling Miss V! That frock and her scrumptious owner have many miles around the block yet ... the amazing wee faithful reminds me of my favourite green 50s frock, which fell apart at a shoulder seam so I made her into a one-sleeve wee madam. What a lovely pic of you and the Bird Girl ... she's a sweetie:) xoxo

  2. the dress is a beauty and what a fab cardi! (my Auntie recently passed her aran cardie to me, hand knitted heaven)Looks like an excellent day was had, eating outside is the best, you both look gorgeous - look forward to the pics of treasure x

  3. oh gosh, how cute are you?! i adore the owl on your sweater! and the sweater itself. and the dress.. just everything! you have quite the knack for style!

    lindsey louise

  4. Your life in the countryside looks so adorable. I really hope mine is as lovely when we move to the country. Xx

  5. I love the dress! And the owl brooch :)

    I do like a nice Squirrel/Bird sandwich!!! Wouldn't have minded being in the middle of that!
    Your darling frock is a sweetheart; I'm sure she's not quite ready to retire...! No more bollocks about the age thing, thank you Missy!

  7. Look at that cherry blossom! Oh my i'm longing for spending already as our leaves are starting their change to becoming orange and falling to the ground.

  8. Ooh the beautiful blossoms! Spring is just around the corner here... any day now! You are beautiful, as always, my love and YAY I love when our fave bloggers get together... I shall be meeting lovely Leisa later in the year. So excited!

    Love! Sarah xxx

  9. As you go into spring, we come at last into autumn how fantastic.
    You are always sooooooooooo lovely, my dear friend

  10. Well, your lovely 50s frock may be approaching retirement, but you are looking in your beautiful prime, Miss V! How fabulous to meet up with Leisa and Paul - squirrels and birds are perfect companions! xxxxxx

  11. Vanessa how can you even say that about you, my goodness, as I was looking at these I was kinda blown away at how dam pretty you are! The green behind you baby pink flowers are sweet as you. How cool to have a meet up with another pair of cool peeps! You two look dressed to cute!

  12. Great meeting! You both look amazing! Kisses x x x

  13. Gorgeous outfit and smile and background!

  14. Such sweetness, I'm so glad you got to meet Leisa she truly is the sweetest thing. I'm long overdue for a catch up with that sweet bird loving chicky.

    By the way although I can't see in the pics that your dress is looking worn and tired, you my dear are most certainly not. You're adorable, sweet and fresh. X

  15. Your dress looks fine to me and do you!
    Fall will be here pretty soon on the other side and i will be wearing the cardi,not you!

    Ariane x0

  16. Don't you both look scrumptious! How lucky you got to meet xxx