When squirrels meet birds............

Hi Sweet-peas....

Oh so much happiness.......
The blossom is blooming and the chance to wear a dress with out a cardigan happened on Thursday in Dunedin. My poor old 50's dress has seen better days, I think she is about ready to go into retirement. I bought her when we first took over Tete A Tete, back in 2005. Its funny I never really liked the pattern but she became an old faithful, poor things looking her age.....a bit like her owner.

Then so much excitement at St Biddies on Friday as the truly lovely Leisa, aka Vintage Bird Girl, and her wonderful husband Paul(the Captain) came for lunch. To finally meet was such a treat, we lunched outside, wandered around the garden, and enjoyed the beautiful day.
Lots of vintage and op-shopping stories were shared......so much fun.
Pretty treasures exchanged.....so excited to show them soon.
Just a fabulous day filled with happiness.

love V

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