Shall we lunch in the gardens?????

Hi Sweet-peas.......

Oh its so exciting when we are ready to say goodbye to another season in our lives and welcome a new one...........we decided to have lunch in the botanical gardens in Dunedin yesterday and the signs of mother nature starting to open her sleepy eyes were everywhere.
We sat next to a Kowahi tree with all its beautiful yellow flowers dancing in the was fun watching two very territorial tui chasing the other birds was very much their tree.
We are enjoying having each Thursday in Dunedin.......I am doing a jewellery making course for the next 8 weeks at the Art School.......its just fabulous.

Last week we finally made a point of calling into see the truly wonderful Mel at 'Blackbird Gifts' in Roslyn......her beautiful shop is such a treat to visit filled with lots of happy vintage and new crafted yumminess.......I am so going back with a birthday shopping list very soon.

We are so enjoying exploring and getting to know the city.......

Shall we op-shop after lunch????


Love V

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