Sunday, August 11, 2013

When monsters attack........

Hi Sweet-peas.....

The orchard has its first little blossom flowers, with the late afternoon light it was just beautiful.......Mr Trouser was in a very playful mood and as you can see I was not quick enough at moving my hand.
Little monster.
I am now typing with a very cute red hippo bandaid on one finger.
(I buy kiddies bandaids, so much more fun) 

Now I don't normally take a handbag into the garden to see what is flowering.......but I just had to 'Show and tell'
Look at my fabulous buy on Thursday at 'Sallies' in Dunedin..........squeals of excitement.
Made in Hong Kong, with the most wonderful lucite handles and catch......I think she will be a summer favourite this year.......happy happy dance.


I'm off to sit in front of the fire and look through some old dress-making patterns........probably with a furry monster on my knee.

love V


  1. What beautiful photos in the afternoon light. That frock is one of my favourites, I just love it with that cuddly cardigan. And you know I share your excitement at finding a new old bag. She is a beauty, as are you Darling V! Xx

  2. oooh they are quick, your poor finger - my little cookie likes to reach up and gently claw my bottom to let me know she needs feeding, ow! Mr Trouser is a beauty though - your dress and cardi are fab, and the bag....such perfection x

  3. Loving your hair today Vanessa, is that little milkmaid plaits i see? I am a recent convert to dora the explorer band aids which add a nice pink highlight to any outfit. Mr trousers is an excellent name for a cat. I've met a cat called lonely before but on the whole people are quite unimaginative with moggy names. Yes, despite the rain it IS starting to feel like spring is in the air, a great feeling x

  4. I love that bag! wow! I bet it was a bargain too, it's such a delight. Mr Trousers is a hilarious name, he looks extremely naughty too. Also the pattern on your dress is lovely and looks great with that mustard cardi xxxx

  5. I love your handbag - and your cardi!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  6. Cats, the cutest killing machines in the world. Thank goodness you have a cute plaster to put over the injury whilst it heals. Look at that bag. Sallies is the best place for treasures. I love your Heidi hairdo! xxxx

  7. What a lovely thought, sitting in front of the fire looking through old dress patterns... and I too buy children's plasters and not just because I have too little boys but because they are much more fun xx

  8. Little monkey! Mr Trouser's a naughty boy but how can anyone get cross with such a cutie!
    adore your frock & that bag is a fabulous find! xxxx

  9. Hahaha, just look at Mr Trousers pinned back ears! SO cute! Naughty little shit! Peepers loves to attack feet, and can get quite painful!
    LOVE that frock, darling, such a splendid print, and perfection with that mustard cardi!
    Can't get over that divoon bag! SCORE!!! So glad there are still scores to be had!

  10. Awe, Mr. Trousers, what a naughty kitty!

    That purse is differently worthy of a happy dance. I wonder does the inside smell like a Grandma? You know, face powder and lipstick?

  11. Oh Mr Trousers - what a cheeky wee thing, I imagine its hard to get cross with him though! Sitting in front of the fire looking at old dressmaking patterns? Sounds like my idea of heaven!

  12. That is a lovely bag!
    In front of the fire, ah! that is nice, we do that too in the winter -

    Ariane xo

  13. Your kitty with his ears back looks like mine most days, pissed! I too buy kids bandages :))). Your new purse and you look gorgeous!

  14. haha i love that yelling photo of you, mean little cat! and i totally buy kid ones too- they make the pain a little less ;)

    and i LOVE your outfit, that dress is SO pretty. i love the pattern and the fit of it

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  15. Your new handbag is so cute and also cute is your dress. I love that oriental pattern mix so much!
    Little monster enjoys springtime, do the same!
    Sabine xxx

  16. What a sweet, sweet kitty cat! And I love all your brooches. Just in general in your life: the brooches, I love.

  17. great dress, looks like we are headed to autumn a little sooner than usual so I will be in cardy's soon....please let me know if you ever want something from the shop, always give discounts to my ladies at *home*

  18. Gorgeous as ever - love the dress and cardi. That bag is delicious. And I'm equally excited that you have an orchard - how fab!!

  19. Naughty Mr Trouser! We have one or two cats in this house who have no compunction about biting the hand that feeds them... But he is so beautiful that like my cheeky so-and-sos, he is instantly forgiven, I'm sure!
    You look beautiful too, frolicking in your orchard in that gorgeous frock. Love your Heidi hair, and oh that bag is such a treasure, what a great find! xxxx

  20. Hee, look at that expression on Mr Trouser's face in the fifth picture down! You look beautiful and I love your bag xxx