Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Picnic Pixie............

Hi Sweet-peas......

Oh so much tripping around for the squirrels this week!!!!
We were in Invercargill today dropping off some artwork to the 'City Gallery' and sorting out a few secret squirrel things.
Lunch was a picnic at Queens Park, sitting on a tree stump eating sandwiches and drinking from the cutest green cups ever.....I felt like a little pixie. These wonderful plastic delights and a crazy little china squirrel arrived in the post last week from the truly wonderful 'Op-shop Mama'. I had admired them in one of her amazing op-shop show and tells and she kindly sent them as the most wonderful surprise.
Thank you sweet.........I just love them.   

Since I am sitting on a tree stump, I just had to show you the photo I took of Mr Trouser last week sitting on the tree stump we use as a coffee table stump thing.

Yip that is one happy cat sitting in the early morning sunlight......aaaahhhh!!!

Happiness to you from a 'Picnic Pixie' and a sun worshipping Furry Trousers.

Love V 


  1. That photo of Mr Trouser is perfection! Such a happy cat!
    And you look pretty perfect too, Miss V, in your gorgeous rose print frock, munching on your sandwiches! Isn't Linda sweet, to send you those fab cups? I love the handles.
    Have fun on your trip, darling Squirrels! xxxxx

  2. Gorgeous light on the kitty! What a pretty picnic.

  3. such a regal cat, and excellent picnics! how fab to be sitting in a tree stump? I know I keep saying it, but I do love your outfits! x

  4. Yay joy!
    Love the matching thermos.
    A pleasure to send them to a happy home! x

  5. I love your dress, I adore flowers on dark backgrounds xxx

  6. Happiness to you, you little picnic pixie! I don't need to send happiness to Mr Trousers 'cos he's got it cracked. I love the picnic and all its accessories. You look cute, your man looks cool, everyone's happy! xxx

  7. Oh, I do love a proper picnic and yours looks wonderful.
    Mr Trousers looks as though he has found heaven!
    We watched the new series of the 'Great British Bake-Off' last night and one of the contestants made a three tier 'Secret Squirrel' cake which made me think of you!
    M x

  8. OMG your dress is wonderful! It is very similar to my red roses skirt I love so much. What a nice picnic basket and thermos bottle. You are well prepared for en route.
    Mr. Trouser is so sweet, sitting like king cat on a throne.
    Sabine xxx

  9. What a beautiful kitty soaking in the sun! How handsome.

  10. How fun! Picnics are great when you have someone dear to you there. Our Ridley-boy loves to sunbathe, especially in the winter months. I open up the bedroom window and he lays in the sliver of sunshine on the floor.

  11. I've had to call Jon over so he can admire your flask - he's got a bit of a fetish about them (but don't tell him I told you!)
    You are the most gorgeous pair of picnickers and Mr Trouser is the most handsome of cats! xxx

  12. Perfectly delightful! It's grand to have a spot of sunshine! Mr Trouser is indeed a gorgeous sun worshipping beast! XXX

  13. You are always so adorable! Lovely dress! I love picnics! Kisses x x x x

  14. Happiness is a warm place to soak up the sun and relax over something yummy - squirrels and cats know this instinctively! Gorgeous cups and thermos and you and Warren too! Everyone needs a coffe table stump thing in their lives

  15. ....more squirrel than pixie methinks!! He he.....what a lovely picnic! X

  16. Oh look at your puss cat enjoying the sun he's such a handsome boy.

    If your flask was a fabric I would want to have a dress made of it.

  17. I love these adorable photos - you all look so happy - yah! I am so excited the weather is becoming warmer, it makes be smile:)

  18. I ADORE these beautiful pics - look at you, all happy and gorgeous! And that fabulous little tree trunk bench, the sleepy kitty, the spunky man and the delightful tea set. How PERFECT!


    Sarah xxx

  19. SO much beauty sprouting from these pictures! The kitty in the sunshine warms me from my inside out and only you could make a thermos look that cute. Seeing you two out like this reminds me of your long long road trip and I love that!