Picnic Pixie............

Hi Sweet-peas......

Oh so much tripping around for the squirrels this week!!!!
We were in Invercargill today dropping off some artwork to the 'City Gallery' and sorting out a few secret squirrel things.
Lunch was a picnic at Queens Park, sitting on a tree stump eating sandwiches and drinking from the cutest green cups ever.....I felt like a little pixie. These wonderful plastic delights and a crazy little china squirrel arrived in the post last week from the truly wonderful 'Op-shop Mama'. I had admired them in one of her amazing op-shop show and tells and she kindly sent them as the most wonderful surprise.
Thank you sweet.........I just love them.   

Since I am sitting on a tree stump, I just had to show you the photo I took of Mr Trouser last week sitting on the tree stump we use as a coffee table stump thing.

Yip that is one happy cat sitting in the early morning sunlight......aaaahhhh!!!

Happiness to you from a 'Picnic Pixie' and a sun worshipping Furry Trousers.

Love V 

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